“Speak Softly … & less”, Plus 8 other Tips for Talking to Teens

Flowering Cactus “How was lunch?” I ask, venturing into conversation with one of my teens who isn’t much into conversing with parents these days. He had just come from lunch with one of his professors… a Saturday lunch. “Fine.” “What did you talk about?” “I dunno,” he replied. “… stuff.” “Yeah? Anything worth sharing?” I should have stopped. I should have known the well was not producing. “Just stuff,” he looked up from his afternoon bowl of cereal and gave me a little raised-eyebrow nod. If nothing else, at least I had been patient, not bombarding him the minute he came home. “Well, okay,” I give up – knowing that information will flow at another time. I’ve learned that timing is everything with my kids

My name is Kay

blue-hello-name-tag It’s always fun to get an article in the New York Times Motherlode, which I did today. I hope you will read it and let me know if this bugs you too. It could have been a menopausal, oversensitive moment – and I adore and respect the person who inspired the write as much as I adore being a mother – but for some reason, something about this topic acts like a bur under my saddle. But it could just be me. Katy’s comment shows what friends do for each other. Offer a sweet re-direct to not be so sensitive and to appreciate what I do – being a mom to some terrific kids. Thanks for walking the road with me. :) K

The Land of Oblivian and “Extra Shoes”

saddle+shoes During yesterday’s breakfast rush, one of mine sat down to scarf waffles before racing to the car so we could be on time to school. We actually left the house last week without one of the slower school-goers. I wonder if they will ever learn that I actually mean it when I say (yell): “WE’RE LEAVING WITH OR WITHOUT YOU!!” “Do we have an extra pair of shoes?” she asked between scarfing bites. “Do I have an extra pair of shoes? What?” I ask while wetting/brushing her brother’s stubborn wayward hair. “Yeah … you know, shoes? En extra pair?” I didn’t have time to decipher cryptic, so I asked again, “Are you talking school shoes? What kind of shoes?” “Yeah,” she threw in a little non-chalant groove, “school shoes. Just

Heart-Shaped Intentions

heart tree Still bumbling along my new road of follow-through rather good-intentions. It hasn’t been pretty, but I have taken steps. Teeny-tiny, sometimes microscopic, baby steps. But steps, nonetheless. This morning, getting past the many months of good intentions to go the dentist for a cleaning, I made an appointment … and went. Is it necessary to admit that Petra, our dentist’s office manager, might have heard that we were next door at the neighboring orthodontist and that she actually got up, left her desk, came to the other office, and took me by the hand (literally) to make my appointment? Nahhh… at least I went. And, in the process, I decided to knock off my list another one of my ever-present, or should I say “slowly disappearing,” good intentions. I have the best intentions to exercise every
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