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May Madness – Covid Clarity

Well, we’re halfway through May and it still seems a bit surreal. How can we almost be through another school year? How does time go so fast, yet so slow at the same time? Still, here we are. May with all its activities has barreled onto the scene. So, welcome to the 6th annual (skipped […]

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MOAT – Mostly Ordinary, Always Together

A slight change is at hand here at themoatblog – not in content (though maybe with this minor shift, content will be coming back!!) but in context. Our house has transformed from 5 tweens & teens to no tweens and 2 teens (for a short time). And far from my aching heart’s desire (though I […]

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Artist Anne Neilson on B.U.S.Y & her new devotional

What is more beautiful this time of years than angels? Especially Anne Neilson angels! I mean – seriously. Anne’s story that began with a paper she wrote in 3rd grade, that hit lots of highs, lows and lots of waiting is sure to inspire you as it did us (Brenda Teele to tears) and put […]

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8 Days of Thankful Done

Today is day 8 of 8 Days of THANKFULness (like the 12 Days of Christmas, but instead of gifts, calling out things for which to be grateful that begins the letters in THANKFUL). Today is “L”              I am so thankful LAUGHTER & LOVE!   Laughter might be the only contagious thing we want to catch. Good thing […]

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Days 1 & 2 of THANKFULness

On Day 1 of our 8 Days of THANKFULNESS, begins with the letter “T”. Instagram friends landed on things like Table, Teachers, and Time (grateful for extended time with kids & family, a silver-lining of Covid). Which leads to where I landed, thankful for TODAY. Beingn thankful for TODAY might sound weird, but I’m so […]

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8 Days of Thankful

This pic popped up on my Facebook memories. It made me smile and linger in the way that gratitude/thankfulness really does turn “what we have into enough.” Along with countless others, we’ve had quite the ride this year. Some of which brought us dangerously close to the edge in ways we never could have imagined. […]

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Safe Places

A friend touched base yesterday, checking in to see how we’re doing. She was such an encouragement as she entered into our sphere while welcoming me into hers. We laughed, we cried and we prayed. She’s a safe place to do such things. Do you have a safe place? A friend? a mentor? A person […]

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Meet Kay

Hi. My name is Kay. I'm a mother of 5. I'm a recovering enabler, procrastinator, controller, grammar hacker and am calendar challenged (among other things).
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New Book!

Not The Boss Of Us, New Book by Kay Wyma

Is anyone a fan of feeling overwhelmed? Life’s pressures, expectations and circumstances steal more than they give. But they aren't the boss of us! Why not be Overwhelmed by Truth instead.  Read more >

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