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Relationship over Religion

This week my friend Courtney DeFeo over at Lil Light O’Mine asked me to join her far-more-stellar-than-me line-up as she travels through what she’s calling a Titus 2 year contemplating things like: intimacy with...

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MOAT – Mostly Ordinary, Always Together

A slight change is at hand here at themoatblog – not in content (though maybe with this minor shift, content will be coming back!!) but in context. Our house has transformed from 5 tweens & teens to no tweens and 2 teens (for a short time). And far from my aching heart’s desire (though I […]

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Artist Anne Neilson on B.U.S.Y & her new devotional

What is more beautiful this time of years than angels? Especially Anne Neilson angels! I mean – seriously. Anne’s story that began with a paper she wrote in 3rd grade, that hit lots of highs, lows and lots of waiting is sure to inspire you as it did us (Brenda Teele to tears) and put […]

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Safe Places

A friend touched base yesterday, checking in to see how we’re doing. She was such an encouragement as she entered into our sphere while welcoming me into hers. We laughed, we cried and we prayed. She’s a safe place to do such things. Do you have a safe place? A friend? a mentor? A person […]

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What a gift

Last night, our family watched Antiques Road Show together (Saturday night excitement!)  A lady brought in a painting that her doctor father had received as a thank-you from a patient to whom he waved payment – since he knew they couldn’t pay. After her dad passed, the woman inherited & treasured the beautiful landscape. She […]

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Forced Exit, Enjoying the View

It’s strange to think about a week ago today. Whatever you were doing – one thing is certain (for everyone, everywhere) – business as usual isn’t usual right now. Plans have changed, schools & businesses closed, certainty has taken a back seat – in some cases hopped out of the car all together. Clouds have […]

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