Tin can phone

Leaving a graduation ceremony and subsequent reception last night, I glanced at the clock, “Wow, that lasted a long time.”

“I’m sorry,” said my daughter riding shotgun.

“Why are you sorry?” I nonchalantly asked.

Then quickly realizing that I was entering the strange teen-zone where an unassuming question can instantly transform a regular moment into an emotionally-charged field of landmines. “WAIT,” I divert and quickly add before she can answer my why question, “what did you think I said.”

“Well, you said that I talked too long.”


“Yeah, that I’m the reason it ran late.”

Huh? “I was only commenting on how long it lasted. I wasn’t saying anything about you.”

“Well, that’s what I heard.”

Welcome to a common field of landmines — the space between what is said and what is heard. It’s been around for ages and is especially dicey during times of stress, certain monthly-occurrences, after a long day and pretty much during all teenage-years and any other times affected by changes-in-life.

How can we navigate these dangerous fields and come out on the other side intact, whole, emotionally stable human beings? Who knows?! Most days are simply about survival.

But in an effort to flourish, here are a few ideas to help communication.

Be aware. There’s a good chance more is being heard than said. Especially on certain days and in certain scenarios that can impact hearing. For example,…

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Thanks for walking the road with me.


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