Because back to school is now greeting us at several places of business we frequent, here’s a little poem for those who might be feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed by the prospect of what’s just around the corner. Especially for those who might not be friends with all the forms and appointments and having to be places. Yeah, those things. Plus there are the try-outs, the work-outs, the worries (who will be my teacher) and concerns (when do the schedules come out), the milestones (I’m a Senior!) and to-do’s (have you registered us yet?! –  I’m doing that TODAY, well, hoping to at least).

‘Twas the week before school starts and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, so Mom grabbed and put on a blouse.

She dug through the closet to find last year’s shoes

Their holes and small sizes provided the clues.


“Get up, let’s get going,” she roused her late sleepers

Announcing that soon alarms will be blaring their beepers.

“Yes, summer’s been fun, but school’s almost here.

We can’t put-off any longer, we’ve not a minute to spare.”


They raced through the town with days ticking down

Forms and check-ups and lists and to-do’s all around.

“Have you finished summer reading? Are you ready for work-outs?”

Answers are hopefully yes, but the forms still need filling out.


“Can you read that sign?” “No” squinting kid confesses.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” and another appointment stresses.

Tensions tighten with calls announcing teacher assignments are here.

Who did you get’s threaten to determine the year.


School schedules fill in-boxes, hopes met and dreams dashed

Calls and texts, so many questions are asked.

Team try-outs and schedules and carpools and assignments

And forms and more forms makes us feel we’re behind it.


But wait, all the stress and the pressure that back-to school brings

They don’t get to rob or to steal from these fine human beings.

We’re people not products and school is just a thing

It might act high and mighty but it’s a means to an end, not life-defining.


Do you even know the age you learned how to walk or to read?

We all master the basics and in the grand scheme have what we need.

So, put the back-to-school Overwhelmed where it belongs

Not ramped up and fueled by culture’s standards and gongs.


Academics and teams and right-groups are not the boss of us

Instead, consider each person endowed with unique gifting and purpose.

An artist, a scientist, a comedian or a math-whiz

Behind them all is simply a nice kid trying to fit in.


Because at the core we’re not human doings, but all human-beings,

Each mom and dad, each kid & teacher – a person worth seeing.

Why not Instead be overwhelmed by Truth – steady and lasting –

Amidst each task and measurement that begs attention and basking,


A person is always standing and walking alongside

A person of tremendous worth with beauty and dignity on the inside.

Let’s put Life’s Overwhelmed that robs and steals in its place

And instead anchor thoughts in Truth with all its joy, hope and grace.

Because despite all the hype and the hoopla chatter

At the end of the day, it’s the people that matter.

Happy Summer – seeking out every single minute! (And maybe trying to make an appointment or two :) Thanks for walking the road with me.

– Kay

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