Scenic Route

Safe Places

A friend touched base yesterday, checking in to see how we’re doing. She was such an encouragement as she entered into our sphere while welcoming me into hers. We laughed, we cried and we prayed. She’s a safe place to do such things. Do you have a safe place? A friend? a mentor? A person […]

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Mercy Invites Dignity & Redemption

We just passed the half-way point of our Heart Cleanse that I might be renaming Soul-Cleanse because that’s what seems to be going on. Something deep at a soul level is happening. A levity has entered our sphere. “Have you been doing our little cleanse thing?” I ask Snopes. “In my head,” she replies. I […]

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To be, or not to be – Afraid

What is it with fear? This weekend, I went to the movies with my two oldest kids. Shocker of all shockers – we were early! Which means we got to see the trailers. All was fun and fine until my daughter turned to me and said, “Don’t watch this!” Hilarious that she’s telling me to […]

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Perspective-laced photo stroll down memory lane

May. State testing. AP testing. Graduating Senior. Banquets. End of year productions/parties/award ceremonies. Presentations. Plans…. The lists literally go on. These days, I can’t help but wonder where I’m supposed to be and if I’ve forgotten something. Especially things like forms or sign-ups for next year which seem to be in play too. It’s an […]

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Love Reminders

As February has drawn to an end and we say good-by to our shortest month of the year – the only month that sets aside it’s middle day to celebrate love – here are a few thoughts on love that I find myself contemplating. After a week of congressional hearings, historic diplomatic talks and loads […]

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Practicing neighborly love with Sarah Harmeyer

How can it be February already?! Where did January go? And should I admit that our Christmas tree is still up? (eek!) It’s coming down today – or not. February is such a great month. Unique to February, it is the only month with less than thirty days. And, interestingly enough, smack dab in the […]

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A Peek Behind the Veil

…I couldn’t help but catch glimpses of what I know to be true in every situation (happy or sad) God goes before, behind, beside, above and below us all day, every day. And He is good. Little peeks behind the veil started to reveal themselves.

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Contemplating Joy – today, before the holidays

In the very near future Christmas songs will be filling the airwaves in the same way holiday decor has hit the retail aisles (why so early?!) In the malls, on the radio, at school recitals, through churches across the globe, songs about peace and hope will be sung. Peace, hope and JOY. It seems we […]

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17 Years Later – a Kid’s “Why?”

  Life’s overwhelming events—with all their headlines, judging, heartache, and confusion (does anyone tell the truth anymore?) —can weigh heavy, especially when a kid traveling alongside asks “why?” The youngest of my five asked why this morning. A radio show teaser prompted his question: Tune in as we reflect on the 17th Anniversary of 9-11. He […]

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