Hi. My name is Kay. I have definitely been MIA. (And apparently, I”m a poet – this is where I need a laughing-crying emoji. Seriously, I think I could communicate 100% emoji, kind of like hieroglyphics- or not. But that’s another story for another day.)

Anywhooo – I just haven’t been moved to write much. Probably because I’ve had so much on my mind. And especially of late because life has been bombarded by some hard stuff in our neck of the woods. My dear friends traveling the cancer road were both hit hard (one even had a heart attack in the midst of everything else!), my sweet and wonderful uncle passed away followed by an unexpected/untimely death of my dear friend’s husband.

Moments like these put life into perspective.

Then, in the strangest turn of events, I had put together a 2nd Annual May-Madness bracket which I was perched to share here – when I thought to myself, I wonder if maybe Huffington Post or USA Today would think May-Madness fun. I’ve sent stuff to outlets before and mostly hear crickets rather than replies. But on this occasion, I heard back and was even invited to be on the blogging team for HuffPost. My super-excitement was drown out a bit by the sadness and heaviness of events – even though I know, along with all involved, God is good – in control – Lord over all – Healer of hurting hearts – the list goes on (thankfully).

Before posting here (I’ve been meaning to for a week), I shared the link to the HuffPost article on Facebook with this:

Our community’s May got a a sobering shock this last week as one of the best – Hunter Wood – went home to be with the Lord. People are what mattered/matter to Hunter and to his sweet wife, my dear friend Mary Clayton. So you might know a little about Hunter’s impact, this morning my daughter said about the celebration of his life well-lived: “After Mr. Wood’s funeral, I just want to live my life for God and to love others – instead of living in the moment and wanting others to love you.”

Hunter’s untimely death puts into perspective the inconsequential nature of many things that steal our attention in life’s hyper-busy times like May. Even though real life and all its tasks exist/require attention/& tempt to take over – let’s never lose sight of the people walking alongside.

Here’s the post. Of course feel free to share, to comment on the HuffPost sight, to “like” (or not like) it – whatever – BUT most importantly – try to make the most of these crazy, end-of-the-year, race-to-the-end, days without losing sight of the people traveling next to you. People matter most.

Dialing Down May Madness, HuffPost

So here you go. You saw it last year, and might see it again next year –

Mad-Madness Bracket 2016

And the link to the play-by-play and meaningful part.

Thanks for walking the road with me. To be cont….


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