Heard on the Street: Instagram & Failing

heard on the street As always, I love it when you guys forward me articles. Today’s Heard on the Street offers small bits of two interesting perspectives on subjects near and dear to our hearts – our kids. First an article about Instagram published on CNET this week. Michelle Meyers shares her thoughts from the perspective of a mom of tween/teens in “How Instagram Became the Social Network for Teens“. We parents have been advised over and over again by educators that our tween-age kids are just too young for Facebook. Most are just not mature enough to gauge what’s appropriate for posting and to know how to respond to cyberbullying or contacts from strangers or spammers. But with Instagram our guards were down. We never really imagined how it would be used. When my daughter asked permission to download the app, I was frankly

Hobo Dreamin’

While the parents are striving for American Dreaming (American Dreaming, by way of the stairs), the kids are dreaming of a way out – a responsibility-free way of life. Apparently, the grass is greener if you you’re living, not on the other side, but on the tracks. Yesterday, a chore-averse child might have said, “Why do I have to do the dishes AGAIN?!” (This child never strays too far away from drama. And I’m sad to say that for some in our house, the whining never ceases. It might be shorter lived, but never stops.) “That’s part of living in this house,” I reply, pointing him to the sink. “I wish I didn’t live in this house.” “Sorry about that.” He thinks for a minute then grumps, “I wish I was a hobo!” A hobo?! Where in the world did he come

Endurance Training

mowing 1 I can barely believe that August is just around the corner. I can almost feel school breathing down my neck…. eek! Have I mentioned how much I love summer. That I just might live for summer. Okay, “living” for it might be a tad dramatic… but summer is so wonderful and carefree and wonderful and carpool-free and wonderful and – okay enough. Why does my family adore June, July & August? Beyond the no-school thing, we tend to have a no-schedule thing, too. Sure we might do a camp here and there. But on the whole, we do our best to steer clear of activities … especially those requiring transportation. Carpool during the school year is enough for me. I sure don’t want to relive it in the summer. That said, the kids have still embraced their work efforts – a few really stretching themselves.

Got Spoiled?

spoiled brat David McCullough, Jr. nailed society with his Generation-Special speech. Now The New Yorker has written a lengthy article on the subject of society and it’s trend toward “spoiling”, dare we say emasculating a more than capable group of kids – our kids. In Spoiled Rotten, Why do kids rule the roost?, (The New Yorker, 7/2/12) Elizabeth Kolbert shares plenty to motivate us, starting with a story about Matsigenka girl who reminds us that kids are not only more than able, but they are incredibly willing… because they actually like to help, to belong, to be included (just ask my 13 or 15 or 11-year-old who all quietly and deeply long for these things even though teens look in other places to find them): A member of another family, Yanira, asked if she could come along. Izquierdo and the others spent five days
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