I ran into this quote yesterday and wanted to share it for 2 reasons. First, I love donuts. It’s terrible, but I do. Between college and kids, I rarely ate the darn things. Only when someone (possibly me) brought them to work would I partake, usually regretting my sneaking just one more bite by the end of the day. But once kids came on the scene, I had a built in excuse to meander by the Donut Palace. Those sweet wheels were such a treat … plus, I could “exercise” in the process of obtaining the yummy pastries since we have a couple stores near our house. By my third kid, I could pile them all in our triple jogger and promise a reward for enjoying the ride and not bothering a sister. So, in my book, any donut quote is worth sharing.

Second, I have at least one glass-half-empty in my home. PollyAnna here is never quite sure how to handle it. But I know we need them. I would be in a lot of trouble if I didn’t have some reality injected into many of my pie in the sky ideas (see also: a garage still housing jars from a cookie mix business that was sure to hit astronomical growth, hundreds of watercolor Scripture memory puzzles that I just knew were the greatest idea ever and going to sell like hotcakes – let me know if you’d like one, and… well, let’s just say I could go on).

Still, realism has to have hope and dreams and positivity. So, I’m taping it on a few mirrors. Maybe the donut, which they love like their mother, will inspire a positive attitude. Especially when doing the dishes for the “gazillionth” time. Those half-fulls tend to exaggerate a bit, too.


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Just for fun… a little kidcandoo action. Check out other pics (KDC Pics) – and please send me yours at Thanks for sharing, MOAT mom Kelley!

painting garage


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