Rarely do I get a minute to myself. Especially in the summer. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a mother that lives for the summer and carefree schedules. I could never homeschool. My kids would be incredibly dull and light-years behind their peers academically because I just can’t stop myself from taking the better offer to the park, or the movie, or … well anything. Oh yeah, and though recovering, I’m still working on my procrastination and organizationally impairment. So when summer finally arrives, I sink into it – every unscheduled moment of it.

But along with the footloose and fancy free attributes, summer also ushers in close quarters of sorts. We’ve got lots of bodies and limited space (… still farm dreaming over here.) So why does it surprise me when my personal time and space is invaded.

Just the other day I mid-morning excused myself – informing my crew, specifically the youngest who has added a little Velcro to his body in the last few months (sticking to me a bit more than usual), that I would be taking a shower. Since, they were all happily engaged in an exciting game of Rat-a-tat-Cat, I skipped upstairs – thrilled at the prospect of a nice long, warm, long, refreshing, long shower. By myself.

Sinking into the cascades of endless warmth washing over me (it’s called tank-less hot water heater!), I closed my eyes and began to lather my wet hair. The serenity of the moment was abruptly interrupted when my bathroom door banged open. Delightful squeals accompanied the racing feet that ran into the closet next to our shower. He capped the moment with a decisive thud as my uninvited guest quickly closed the closet door.

As usual, I sighed – releasing any grand ideas of a few solitary moments – and moved beyond my spa moment to practical. Then, sadly, practical was interrupted and quickly transported to slight panic when my uninvited guest yelled at the top of his lungs, “POLO!!!”

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Next I hear pounding footsteps racing into my bedroom with their owner yelling, “MARCO!!!”

Excited laughter erupts from the closet followed by an even louder, “POLO!!!”, because when they’re five, they still want to be found… the faster the better.

My mind raced through the card-playing crowd to whom I announced my momentary departure. Then my heart sank as I remembered that more than just my kids might have been in that bunch. And yes… it was not one of mine searching for the rogue Polo.

Having heard the cries of my hidden visitor, an unsuspecting neighbor boy races into my bathroom with one last “MARCO!!” for good measure. All at once, I search to find a place to hide in our shower stall, my guest throws open the door to reveal his secret location and the poor neighbor kid gets a little more than he bargained for. Thank goodness for a steamy shower door!

Needless to say, I have a new handy-man project for the kids.

bathroom door

A lock on these funky doors!

Ahhh… summer. We’re working on it! Remind me in moments like these to enjoy every minute, because they really do pass quickly. We just have to laugh… so we don’t cry :).

Thanks for walking the road with me.


Erma's Bathroom


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