Since starting all the media stuff for Cleaning House – lots of incredible radio interviews, our little trek to NYC for Fox & Friends, Good Morning Texas, (see: In the News) … – I’ve gotten several questions about what our kids have been up to, sometimes in disbelief. So, I’ve decided themoatblog needs to have a “Kid Can Do” segment every so often. I’m happy to share the recipes, techniques, and ideas (which I hope you will do the same) so we can at least set the kids up for success.

Earlier this week, a mom on a call-in-show asked me how our eight year old could make dinner, in that an oven and danger is involved. I knew exactly what she was talking about. It’s hard to ask a little kid to open the oven and retrieve a hot pan of food. That’s why we got creative, kept that kid in the “combine” type of cooking (where it’s easy to just add ingredients) and introduced one of mom’s best friends – the crock pot.

Tonight, Barton stepped up to the plate and cooked one of Fury’s standard, do-able recipes. She cooked the entire meal herself to rave reviews. I must say, she doesn’t shy away from the seasoning. What kind of meal can an 11-year-old completely handle? One of our family staples –

grilled chickensauteed chicken strips, seasoned with Lawry’s and LOTS of fresh ground pepper, rice & beans.

She browned basmati brown rice then added water and more seasoning. Throw in a can of Bush’s black beans and some sliced apples and her meal was ready and receiving accolades. Granted it is a tried & true family favorite. So it’s nothing new. (In fact one of my friends chided me a bit today on the fact that my kids have limited pallets), but one step at a time around here.

Her meal was very easy. Real. And – as usual, confidence infusing. She still had to time it right so the rice finished at the same time as the chicken. She had to respect raw poulty and the utensils used in cooking. She had to guard the stove, least little hands reach up to see what she was up to … the list really goes on. That’s the thing about cooking (and most chores), there are lots of layers of learning.

So there you have it, a Kid-Can-Do recipe. What works around your house? Let us know so we add not only responsiblity, but maybe a little variety.

Thanks for walking the road with me.


… For Dallas MOATs, tune into WFAA for Good Morning Texas and a little moral support. For a little laugh today, here’s Part 2 of our Enable-EZ spoofs.

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