Just the other day, I was noticing the decline in gathering and hiding activity by our Future Hoarder of America. Has he started to rehabilitate himself? Like potty training and moving on from finger sucking, could he be handling this issue like he has all the others? … by teaching himself (since no one else seems to take the time)??!!

Then I look down and see a little sneak trying to quietly slip by.

Hmmm… what might those be?

Next I hear a little WWIII action breaking out in the next room.


Sure enough, just when Slow Walker’s back was turned, FHA’s sticky fingers eagerly stole those cool metal balls that go with SW’s new Geo kit he got for his birthday. I had warned the kid to put all the little pieces into a box. Despite the fact I haven’t seen the kid toting as much stuff, he’s been known to secretly stash. But neither of us expected Quick Draw McGraw to be on the prowl. We were wrong. He’s been gathering and hiding as usual.

Nesting dolls. Just what the hoarder ordered. Not only is it ideal to carry around, You open one doll to find another, then another, and another. A toy made for hiding toys. Perfect for the hoarder in your family.

… and for your puppy.


He’s been filling things with stash. Then, with a little (unwanted) help from a friend,


…and filling again.

What might this box – a little hoarder’s delight – be? Don’t ask me. It’s a lovely item that has moved with us from house to house. I’ve tried to garage sell it for years, but no go. I’m thinking vintage 80’s cd holder of sorts? All I know is that a certain red-head just can’t part with this box nor its twin (yes there are two!). Hmmm… might this be where the hoarding began??

Most dogs sit at the feet of their family’s dinner table. Not ours. 

Forget the food… she just sticks close to FHA, hoping to nab an unintentional reject from his pile of goodies, perfect for eating.

Thanks for walking the road with me.


Still searching for the caps. Maybe Wembley will find them!

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