What is it about a teen and the last word?!

Heard in the car on the way to school after a certain teen shrugged off breakfast:

Mom: “You’re acting like you want to do well in school with all the studying you’ve been doing.”

Kid: “Yeah.”

Mom: “Even your grades thus far have indicated that you’d like to experience success at school.”

Kid: “Yeah?”

Mom: “Well, you need to eat breakfast.”

Kid: “No I don’t.”

Mom: “Yes you do.”

Kid: “I don’t have time.”

Mom: “Well, you would if you got up on time.”


Mom: “It’s like this car. Without fuel it’s going nowhere. I don’t care what kind of car it is. Forget about the Toyota. Let’s say it was a Bugatti {that’s a super snazzy, extremely expensive car that rose to top rank in a kid car conversation the other day… I think they started at the lowest of low bottom with my car. I choose to not take things personally anymore}. Without fuel, even that car is going Noooo Wheeerre! (sometimes I like to sing my responses) …. Food is your fuel. Good luck getting your brain to work without anything to fuel it.”


Mom: “Yep… you need to eat” I then settle in to enjoy my beautiful analogy that apparently had taken root. Until…

Kid: “You don’t need fuel for an electric car.”

Mom: “Electricity is the fuel.”

Kid: “Then… I’m a solar car. No breakfast required.”

Mom: “The solar part is power.”

Kid: “Exactly… I’ll sit by a window.”

pause … please shoot me now …

Mom: “Do you always have to have the last word?”

Kid: “Yes. I believe I do.”

Mom: “Why?!” … why… why… why… sob… sob (those are inside cries. It’s always important to maintain an unruffled exterior in these exchanges.)

Kid: “The last word means I’m right.”


There you have it…

Thanks for walking the road with me.


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