Sorry for my technical challenges that have landed Tuesday’s Tasty Tip on Wednesday. It certainly wasn’t any delay on Jane’s part … just mine. So here’s a short tip to brighten up your Valentine’s Day. The chocolate hearts are a great idea that could be used to top so many things like…

a bowl of pudding 

yogurt (for the healthy crowd)

a scoop of ice cream

a bowl of strawberries

a peeled banana

a Bingo card 

(just think how nice… you’re a winner no matter the letter/number combination)

Alright… enough of that. Take a peak, be creative and enjoy this fun idea.

Thanks Jane!

… and thanks for walking the road with me.


Have a store make your cake, a three layer white with white icing. Melt a package chocolate morsels according to package directions. Pour out a thin layer of chocolate on a sheet of wax paper. Chill until firm. Take a heart shape cookie cutter cut out different sizes of chocolate shapes.  Stick tips of heart shaped chocolate into the cake. PS–Raspberries ,if fresh and firm can have a heart shape, look for those as they taste great with chocolate.

A little Heard on the Street….

The other day my friend Lynn called to report a Mom Car Talk moment.

“So I was stopped at the light and looked in my rearview mirror. I saw a mother doing what you apparently do every day…. talking to her teenage son sitting in the front seat next to her – okay, so maybe lecturing the kid.”

Lynn, by the way, is a friend of mine from business school. She lives and works in Austin. My kids adore her. She doesn’t have a teen, but is thoroughly entertained by them and has volunteered to work with youth for many years.

She continued, “I was laughing at the scene, thinking of you ‘mini-lecturing’ Teen Take-Out when he’s stuck in the passenger seat with nowhere to go. I don’t know what that mom was talking about, but she sure was passionate. Hands waving, words flying, the lady was going to town. Her kid, on the other hand, was sporting that get-me-out-of-here look, basically enduring… looking straight ahead, complete blank stare. 

I checked the light then looked back at the car. Mom still spewing, the kid started to disappear. Literally disappearing. … I died laughing … He was pressing the controls to lay the chair back. Before long, the kid was completely gone. The funniest thing … Monologue Mom didn’t notice until she finally looked over to make a point only to find him laid flat.

Hilarious!!  Thought you just might be able to relate.”

Oh, yes… Have we been there, moms??!!  If you haven’t, the day is coming.

Thanks for the word from the road, Lynn … and thanks for walking it with me.

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