“What are we having for dinner?” floated my 11-yr-old last night as she made afternoon plans with one of her neighbor friends. She was pretty much shopping the better offer.

“It doesn’t matter what she’s cooking. We’ll eat it and not complain.”

I looked around. Did that come out of HIS mouth??!! Oh my word… It did! King Complainer not only said something positive about food prepared in our home (right now he only likes food that is made in a restaurant), but he also encouraged someone to be positive. Where did my teenage son go? Has an alien occupied his body?

Later that evening, he put his money where his mouth was and very agreeably ate fish, corn and rice with our family … not once muttering under his breath some comment about how gross our food is. I’m not sure what’s going on with him, but I’ll take it. Even if it only lasts a day, at least I know a good attitude is in there somewhere.


Today is sheet washing day. Of course I forgot to say anything yesterday. So I kind of threw them a curve ball this morning when I woke them up and asked them to take the sheets off their beds instead of making them. Yet again, I’m embarrassed to admit that they had no idea what I was talking about (but we’re all friends here, right? :).

In a sleep stupor, “You want us to what?”
“To take the you sheets off the bed. Only the sheets, not the blankets.”

Okay, do they not even realize that someone takes the sheets off and washes them? Do they think I-Dream-Of-Jeannie comes in with a pony-tail swish… and new, clean, sheets appear on their beds? — I think I forgot to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Kay and I am for sure a recovering enabler.

I had to help the girls. All the while trying to convince them that stripping the bed is actually easier than making it. I left them and moved on to the boys’ room, without much hope. But, I was met with a big surprise. My teen, again, didn’t balk at all.

“Today we wash the sheets. So don’t make your bed, just take the sheets off.”
“Okay” … and he literally hopped up and took the sheets off. No questions. No complaints. He matter of factly went about his task. Who IS this guy??!!

As I walk out of the room baffled, I realized the only possible explanation for his ability to strip his bed. … He must have learned it at kamp.

Thanks for walking the road with me.

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