“Where’s Dad?”
“He went to the pet store”, Sister Save-A-Lot said, trying to nonchalantly repress a giggle.

Jon going to a pet store is definitely a funny idea. Dick’s, Academy, Fry’s, Golf Smith … those I’d believe. But the pet store? Not so much. The kids & I have all but given up our quest for a dog.

So, I must say I was surprised to discover that he did in fact drive to Petco and purchase a pet item. Although, I soon learned that “pet” might not have been the operative word.

Let’s just say, I’ve seen this before.

“Cuddly” doesn’t normally describe its inhabitant.

Oh, well. I guess we’re headed down the lizard road.

Or maybe those cute fire-belly toads.

You know, if you have two, they’ll sing to each other.

No. Not us.

We didn’t get a pet.

We got a creature!

Meet “Zeus”, Teen Take-Out’s new scorpion friend.

I can barely look at that pic myself! Apparently, this is they type thing a hard-working (okay, maybe not “hard”, easy-working might be a better term) teen finds intriguing and worth his cash.

I sure didn’t find it “cool” when I woke the boys up yesterday. Thoughts of the cage cover slipping off, giving Zeus an easy exit overtook my better judgement. I could barely set foot in the room as I envisioned that creepy thing scurrying across the floor to sting my foot with its massive weapon. Seriously, how are the boys sleeping with the cage just a few feet away?! And who names a Scorpion?

At least he made his bed.

But I must admit, this is not quite what I had in mind when we started our work effort.

Thanks for walking the road with me.

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