Friday, I got the Red Door treatment. Except it wasn’t Elizabeth Arden, but Medical City Dallas. Nothing dramatic, just another effort to figure out why my hearing is distorted in one ear.

The problem really centers on low frequency hearing loss. Depending upon who’s talking or what music is playing, it sounds like they are doing it though a voice changer. So when the kids are goofing around in the back seat on our 30+ minute carpool run, my normally cool nerves reach the breaking point at lightening speed because it all sounds like an endless prank phone call. Needless to say, we are ALL ready for my ear to get better.

When I bolted from my house Friday morning for yet another visit to our ENT, I wasn’t prepared for the spa treatment awaiting me. He first sent me to the Maxwell Smartt, Cone of Silence booth to check my hearing again. No improvement …. so off to an MRI.

Who knew what a relaxing experience lie before me. Now for those of you that have walked this road, you might be thinking I’m crazy … and I really DID need my head examined. (Jon would agree, but that’s another story.) But can we for a minute point out the luxuries? Ladies, I know you would all agree …

1) I was by myself.
2) I was by myself and stuck. I couldn’t run any errands, be on call … nothing. In fact no phones allowed. Aaahhh.
3) During my 100% uninterrupted time, I sat in a waiting room and read Martha Stewart Living from cover to cover … even found a terrific end of the year teacher gift idea.
4) No one could invade my personal space. It was so tight in the MRI machine, I could barely invade my space.
5) With the exception of momentary arctic blasts, the peaceful dimly-lit room, was refreshingly crisp. So nice if you’re in that phase of life when unexplained sweating and massive heat waves surprise attack around every corner.
6) The crazy beeping and clanking sounds took on almost musical movements while the random moments of the table vibrating felt just like a massage chair. That part really was great.

It was at the massage chair portion that I sunk into allowing myself to just enjoy the time alone in my little cocoon. To appreciate this weird intermission that, when I let it, allowed me to break from my hectic schedule.

I love my job. I wouldn’t trade places with anyone in the world. The kids & I might press each other’s buttons, but we also share mounds of fun and laughs. I’ve had some neat jobs and traveled the world, nothing as challenging or rewarding as parenting.

But when unexpected interruptions present themselves, try to enjoy them.

As I left, I shouted my gratitude to the super nice staff and headed to the garage for my car. I turned on my phone to see six missed calls, plus 2 texts confirming afternoon schedules. I took a deep breath and prepared for my afternoon. Grateful for the unexpected, yet strangely relaxing, interlude.

Thanks for walking the road with me.

Tune in Wednesday for the great Jody Capehart! If you haven’t read her books or heard her speak, you are in for a real treat!

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