“Mom, can you come get us,” asked Speed Police who was stranded with her friend at one of the local shopping areas.  (now that her working money is growing, I guess we’ve moved into a new era — shopping!)  Since our summer is packed full of nothing it was easy to say, “Sure.”

It worked out great.  I ran into the toy store to grab something for TTO who we had just shipped off to kamp.  Then we stopped by the grocery store to get some milk and bananas.  Someday, I just might transition into the world of “lists” and actually think about what we need before we need it.  But why bite off more than you can chew.  We’re trying to keep up with our chores and work efforts.  Of course, lists might make it all easier, but that would be way too organized.

Oh yeah, did I remember to introduce myself?  My name is Kay.  I’m a recovering enabler, procrastinator, grammar hacker….  and disorganizer.  Organized and budding-productive people of the world stop by my house.  It will either make you sick or feel great about your own progress.

Arriving at the Tom Thumb, I decided to pounce on the opportunity to let Speed Police handle our small shopping list on her own.

“Here’s some money.   Please go in and get bananas and milk.”


“You can do it.  The bananas we get are in the front of the store.  You know the ones right when you get to the produce section.”


“And the milk is at the back right.”

“We get the blue cap?”

“Yes.  …. You can do it.  It’s only 2 things. … Okay?”

She nodded, looked at her friend in the backseat (I think for reassurance), and hopped out.

As soon as she got in the store, I too turned to her friend.

“I’ll be right back.  I’ve got to get a picture of this!!”

“Okay, Mrs. Wyma” … I’m pretty sure I saw a slight eye roll.  These girls are nice to put up with my weirdness.

She picked some good ones.  Not too green and no brown.

So cute in line :)


Good thing I know the staff in our local store well … someone might have thought I was odd sneaking pictures of that girl in the orange shirt.  It’s quite possible a few of those close to me have already come to that conclusion.  Oh, well… I think it helps them take life a little less seriously.

All in all, she flew her solo flight beautifully.

Sadly, the “responsible” tag didn’t last for long.  After we go
t home I walked into the downstairs bathroom only to discover at least four days worth of clothes piled on the floor (most of the Speed Police’s).  Apparently, they had been throwing their clothes off as they put on swimsuits.

“Ummm Girls (and boy).  There’s a little something that requires your attention in the other room,” I inform then, as I rudely interrupt their gadget time.


“In the bathr–”

“Oh!!  Sorry, sorry, sorry … We ‘re coming right now!” spews Speed Police.

“Yeah.  We totally forgot! — We really need to work on that,” Sister Save-A-Lot assures me as they race to grab their things.

“Just put them directly in the laundry room.” I inform them, then add after considering our recent grocery store success, “In fact let me show you how to do a load.”

“Maahhhmmmm!  Laundry is in July!” retorts Speed Police.

Hmmm.  Maybe I shouldn’t have been so chore specific by month in our mini-revolution.  Even better, I shouldn’t have told them.  It was a long day so I settled for the happiness of seeing the pile next to the washing machine instead of the toilet.

Little does she know, July is only a few days away ~~ Anyone have any laundry tips for the Tide-challenged :)

Thanks for walking the road with me.


Tune in Wednesday for a terrific guest blog from my friend Todd Rapp, K-West Kamp Director at Kanakuk Kamps.  He’s got some great tips for us!

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