Dear May,

Hi. How are you?

I see you. It’s still April; but dearest May … could you please go away. I don’t mean to be rude. And I’m not actually saying disappear. I’m just asking you to dial down the stress level that comes when you enter the picture.

Is that possible?

Listen, I love you. June (freedom from to-do’s) is just around the corner from you. And your name is so happy. Promising something on the other side of saying you, like “May I have another cupcake.” Would you like two? “Why yes I would.” Because, you’re pre-swimsuit.

But May, can we just state the obvious? With you comes a certain amount of agony. And I don’t want to just live to get through to the other side of you. I want to enjoy your beautiful weather and linger and savor. But those words don’t normally accompany all that you bring to the table: projects, graduations, AP exams, projects, ceremonies, Finals, projects, meetings, meetings and more meetings. It’s a downer. Especially for us forgetful-type folks who don’t handle calendar things very well.

May – I love you, but … I want to this to be positive experience for us both.

So, please don’t get offended when I simply ignore and refuse to give into the frenzy. Really it’s not about you. Don’t be offended. I’m stating upfront – we’re opting for the park. We’re going to movies. We just might play outside simply for the sake of being outside. I’m sorry we might miss out on or come dressed wrong to whatever event blared at me, yet was overlooked due to the number of children living in my home and uninvited tasks that have been piled onto our plate because “it’s May”.

We’re taking a stand. We choose to lean into the happiness implied in your name. And rather than wait for someone to ask, “May I ….”, the plan is to preempt the question and spend our days loving on all the other folks spinning out of control thanks to the May-Crazies. And, in that effort, we plan to do for them (whatever it is that might be stealing their joy) so that we can all sit on the front porch and leisurely chat, serenaded by the laughter of care-free kids, while enjoying a nice cold glass of sweet tea.

Just sayin’.

Thanks for walking the road with me.




Beware of BOOK ALERT!

Please bear with me as I travel the obligatory book-promotion road

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.38.29 PM

If you’re in Dallas and looking for something to do…

Please stop by and say hi at the Barnes & Noble, Lincoln Park (across from Northpark Mall) on Sunday May 3rd from 4-6. We’ll have copies of I’m Happy For You (Sort of … not really): Finding Contentment in a Culture of Comparison available. And I’d love to thank you in person for walking this road with me, putting up with all my typos, and laughing with me along the way. (Okay, so I know that sometimes the laughing is at me, but at least we’re laughing, right?!)

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