Ready to celebrate Easter, our very favorite holiday, the kids wanted to make some goodies and spread the cheer. In the same way we’ve “boo’d” friends at Halloween (deposited some treats with a sign stating “you’ve been boo’d” on the front porch, ring the bell and run), they want to “egg” friends. We’re not talking splattering yolks. It’s more along the line of yet another excuse to consume and promote further consumption of candy.

Their efforts have been so creative and fun, I can’t help but share.

They took generic white paper plates and cut out circles from the middle.

Next, Sharpees were used to draw faces. The kids quickly realized that they needed to draw on the mat side of the plate to avoid marker smear.

After making eyes, mouth and whiskers, a Hershey Kiss took its place as a nose. The kids found some double stick gummy tape to affix the treats, ears cut from the rest of the paper plate and a thick wooden Popsicle stick for the base.


Ahhh… the reason for the project. Fun and candy.

fun bunny

Sour sticks adorned the ears. A mini KitKat served as a bow tie. More Kisses and Reeces eggs lined the stick for good measure. And voila – Fun Bunnies a perfect doorstep treat.

A little different than the treat that Jon and I found outside our door last night after a mid-night doorbell ring caught our attention.

Um-huh. A friendly calling card from some neighborhood “Charmin”-ators.

tp house

They did a lovely and thorough job adorning our trees and yard with toilet paper. Hmmm… What comes around goes around. … I’m just sayin’

Thanks for walking the road with me … and Happy Easter. Here’s to spreading the love that was so selflessly offered by One who spread his arms, died and rose from the grave to never die again… all that we might be able to live. Now that’s love worth spreading.


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