Life’s Puzzles

IMG_4410 We can’t seem to stop with the puzzles around here. They started during our staycation and have remained as the go-to boredom reliever du jour. Last year it was Mexican Trains. I’m not sure which I like better. So when I’m-Bored tickled my ears the other day, I suggested a puzzle. Toy Story 3 150-piece Foil-Puzzle won. Don’t be fooled by the title or number of pieces. It was brutal – each of the three times we did it. (I still don’t understand Jack’s make, break and make again thing.) The foil finish, with all its weird psychedelic colors, added an unwanted twist to the challenge.  Well, that and the fact that several pieces were exactly the same size and shape. Mid-puzzle, my 24-year-old niece stopped by for a chat. She’s amazing. She’s just finished nursing school and has

Making Memories, Staycation-Style

IMG_4310 Today, or maybe yesterday, for sure tomorrow is the last day of our Spring Break. We don’t have a long trip home; because, as usual our destination location was our home. I might have had a bad attitude about it. (eek!) We don’t have pics from the mountains. We didn’t bask in the sound of waves crashing the shore. We didn’t hop a plane for places undiscovered by our crew. But we did what we do – spend time together. Not all of it’s pretty, but it is time. And despite what some might think about me after my article yesterday in the NYT, which really was supposed to be about calling people by their names/knowing people’s names, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than be with my kids as Mom. Even in the car. These days, especially in the car – now that they’re getting driver’s

My name is Kay

blue-hello-name-tag It’s always fun to get an article in the New York Times Motherlode, which I did today. I hope you will read it and let me know if this bugs you too. It could have been a menopausal, oversensitive moment – and I adore and respect the person who inspired the write as much as I adore being a mother – but for some reason, something about this topic acts like a bur under my saddle. But it could just be me. Katy’s comment shows what friends do for each other. Offer a sweet re-direct to not be so sensitive and to appreciate what I do – being a mom to some terrific kids. Thanks for walking the road with me. :) K Share this post:FacebookTwitteremailPrint

When Headlines Have You Down…

Headlines can sometimes make me all verklempt. Especially ones that have to do with my kids. I try not to look. But sometimes, they’re handed to me on a silver platter with utensils so I can eat it all up and feel sick. Thanks to social media we see them all the time – with links – and likes and shares. I happened to see a few this weekend. They both left me wanting life on a secluded beach or in the country – away from technology’s sneaky, ever-expanding grab for my kids. But we don’t live on a beach or in the country. We live smack dab in the center of all that’s good and bad. So I read the headlines … and feel a bit sick. The first one I see informs me of the latest app waiting to claim my child in its evil scheme. Yik Yak Chat App Stirring Up Trouble in High Schools From Chicago, to Georgia, to Southern
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