Last night, our family watched Antiques Road Show together (Saturday night excitement!)  A lady brought in a painting that her doctor father had received as a thank-you from a patient to whom he waved payment – since he knew they couldn’t pay. After her dad passed, the woman inherited & treasured the beautiful landscape. She decided to bring it to AR and learned that her treasure is an actual treasure – worth quite a large sum of money.

Overwhelmed, she gasped and cried saying “what a gift … what a gift”. ⁣⁣⁣

Later, on our walk,  Mitty & I were were happily stunned by beauty on the steps of one our community’s amazing churches. Every year some of the local churches put up a cross and adorn it with flowers. I don’t know why, but this year – the cross and these particular flowers seemed especially stunning.

We came close and soaked it all in – not only the beautiful blooms, but the beautiful gift this flowered cross represents. And what might be overwhelming current days paled in comparison to what overwhelms every day throughout eternity: life, mercy, grace, kindness, LOVE. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

And we paused. He sat and let me take his picture.

Then a family came up on their bikes. So we offered to take their picture too (simple kindness). Not that we’re checking a box, but today is Day 10 of our April Soul30 effort. Like we did in January, some friends asked if we could pick up our practicing kindness, thankfulness and mercy every day for 30 (or however many works) days. It’s easy to do, a delight, as each gives so much in return.

The family and I ooh’d over the beauty; asked how each other is doing (one of Covid’s silver linings, stranger become instant friends); honestly acknowledged the hard, then nodded at the victory and hope that comes with that cross next to us. Then we walked/rode on. We might not be able gather at services, but we can still celebrate together. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Heading home, cloudy skies overhead and rumbling thunder in the distance, I was overwhelmed. Not by the threatening storm, but by the force that calmed the storm, healed the sick, loved the unloveable, saw the unseen, fed the hungry, stayed the course and “for the joy set before him (US!!) endured the cross”. Overwhelmed by the enormity, I tried to let it sink in – that he willingly gave everything for me (for each of us), setting us free from all the world’s do/be in order to to be okay, making us eternally okay by giving himself in our place.

Yes, overwhelmed. I shook my head like the lady on AR in amazement  – “what a gift … what a gift.⁣” ⁣⁣

Thanks for walking the road with me.


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