It’s strange to think about a week ago today.

Whatever you were doing – one thing is certain (for everyone, everywhere) – business as usual isn’t usual right now. Plans have changed, schools & businesses closed, certainty has taken a back seat – in some cases hopped out of the car all together. Clouds have blown in, making it a bit hard to see what’s happening.

Clouds on the horizon can steal our peace.

They appear threatening and can invite all sorts of what-ifs to fill thoughts as unseen things try to take center stage. But rather than be distracted or even overtaken by them, why not focus on what shines & remains present always (regardless the clouds or storms) — the sun.

On a walk this week, I saw the sun doing what it does – shine – as the clouds raced along.

And the coolest thing -because of the clouds, I could actually look at the sun straight on. Which may be a sweet little nature-note to remember:

  • the sun is always shining, steadfast, never moving, shifting or blotted out
  • cloudy horizons offer an opportunity look intently at it
  • the shining sun offers hope
  • we have to look up to see beyond cloudy uncertainty
  • as we look up and beyond, maybe we can see folks traveling alongside, be reminded we’re in this together, and encourage – each other with Truth

And breathe.

And look around. There are some fun things to see. Including all the inspirational art along the sidewalks.

And maybe even rest. Which might be hard for some, new for others. Shelly Miller, author & founder of the Sabbath Society shared on SaySomething Show recently lots of encouragement and a few tips:

I think rest is a big part of Lent – especially as it points to Easter. The way we celebrate Easter might look a bit different this year – but nothing can ever change the power that Easter reveals. The power of Hope and Life and Truth that informs today and every day.

Lent – that points to Easter – may be just the right time to be reminded to look intently on the Son (“the Light of the world”) who proclaims perfect peace through his steadfast authority over all.

Clouds will always fill skies, but they don’t need to steal peace. Let’s think on that today and choose rest. Well, and remember to be kind and to wash our hands

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