Hitting the Wall

“Please don’t make me go…. Please.Please.Please.Please.” Young worker begs. “Sorry. It’s part of work. In order to do it, you have to show up.” “Oh….Just this one day. Please let me stay home.” “No can do.” “PLEEEEEEEEZZZZZ” “Sorry.” “Fine.” resigned worker complies. Memories of toddlerdom flood my mind as we drive up to the youth center and I watch my young worker pretend to not notice we’ve arrived at the summer work establishment. Young Worker sat, hoping that I wouldn’t see him, or maybe that I would forget, or maybe that I’d give in and let him go home with me. Oh, the days gone past. When the two of us would arrive at Mothers Day Out (at least the days I remembered to go – hard to

Table Talk: It’s Summer!!! Time to … WORK???!! by Lisa Clark

Today’s Table Talk is by the wonderful Lisa Clark. We’re so blessed that she will weigh in from time to time to offer some good old sage advice on parenting our tween/teens.  Is you kid working this summer? I’m talking a real job where a boss is involved. It certainly doesn’t have to be for money, but compensation is terrific incentive. Even if a volunteer job is at hand, there are great lessons we might be missing by letting kids slide into self-absorbed vacation mode. I’m just sayin’. Of course, if looks could kill I would have been on an ER gurney needing some defibrillation action this morning after shoving mine out of the car at the Youth Center. Memories of peeling a certain screaming child off my person at Mother’s Day Out flooded to the present as I watched a similar departure (without

Music to My Ears

Overheard on the phone. Speed Police chatting with our friend Lynn: (response to what I assume was the question of the hour, “What are you doing this summer?”) “Oh… I have volleyball tomorrow… and I’m going to be working at YBC… you know saving money for the car thing.” pause “It’s a place where kids go for after school tutoring. They have a summer program for the kids… you know, playing, reading, stuff like that … yeah and a few field trips.” The words resulted in a smile across my face – for a few reasons. Not only was she leaning into responsibility and steering away from entitlement, she wasn’t complaining. There was no, “Mom is making me work this summer!” moan. No, the response was completely matter of fact. Work

Job Fair – as in “That’s Not..”

Summer is around the corner … and so are jobs. I’m not really up for the home-made job. We’ve done the car washes, baby-sitting, craft days, etc. All of which, (thanks to a little procrastination, lazy, and better-offer genetic disposition inherited from their mother) my kids punt after a few weeks. Gone are the great ideas. Usher in the whine. Any job this summer must have them answering to someone other than me. Couch potato, sibling arguments, and whining are banned. Don’t get me wrong – we adore summer and schedule free life. We yearn for appointment free living (just ask the gals in our orthodontist office who must role their eyes when they see Wyma on the schedule – remember I’m calendar challenged.). But too much of a good thing, especially cramming five young bodies (2 of them seated
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