What is more beautiful this time of years than angels? Especially Anne Neilson angels!

I mean – seriously.

Anne’s story that began with a paper she wrote in 3rd grade, that hit lots of highs, lows and lots of waiting is sure to inspire you as it did us (Brenda Teele to tears) and put wind in your sails as you travel your own journey. Hers tapped into art, raising kids, then back to writing which is why she joined our SaySomething ncarpool chat – to share about her new devotional — Angels: Devotions and Art to Encourage, Refresh, and Inspire.

Stunning art and thoughtful words for 40 days. Here’s a taste as Anne redeems the word busy, “I just did not want to glorify that word. So I came up with an acronym B.U.S.Y: Be Uniquely Serving Yahweh by using what is specifically yours.”

So beautiful. I hope this chat will bring a smile to your “busy” day and little lift in your step as you go about doing what you are uniquely created and gifted to do.

For your viewing pleasure:

For audio only:

ABOUT ANNE: As an artist, author, philanthropist, wife, and mother, Anne Neilson paints and creates her home products with both passion and purpose – giving back to others by contributing to local, national, and international charitable organizations with proceeds from her art shows, books, and products. In addition to Anne Neilson Home, she also owns Anne Neilson Fine Art, an art gallery located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Representing more than 50 talented artists from across the world, the gallery is dedicated to being a lighthouse in Charlotte and beyond, illuminating the work of emerging and established artists.

Find Anne at anneneilsonhome.com or @anneneilsonhome on Instagram

Thanks for walking to road with me.


… STAY TUNED LATER THIS WEEK for a true Christmas miracle, an absolute show-stopper of a story about what happens when the Church comes together (hint: outbreak of hands-on help & neighborly love)

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