Around here, it looks like our 2017-February will be our new January since the days certainly passed, but it was so fast (probably due to some wheels that came off) I’m not sure I saw January coming or going. AND with The Say Something Show taking on a life of its own, all the writing that has been in my head hasn’t quite made it to the fingers and a keyboard. So, I’m combining the writing and the show since TONS of what people have been sharing still lingers in my thoughts.

Like last week:

Our wonderful friend and resident kid-whisperer Kathleen Fischer stopped by to chat about social media and all-things-internet as it relates to kids, us, self-worth, identity, safety, decency and more. And there are a couple of things she said that have stuck-with/encouraged me. So, rather than write it all down, here’s a clip of one:

I especially love her message to kids:

You’re not called to be so-and-so; you’re just called to be you. You don’t have to please me, or the coach, or the scoutmaster – you have to please the source of your gifts.

WATCH ENTIRE EPISODE (29 minutes) – for tons of great wisdom and info sure to encourage and inspire (it was hard to pull a single clip!). Watch embedded video below, or here’s the link for later if you’d like: Kathleen Fischer Kitchen Chat 2/2017

We had another TERRIFIC chat with Meredith Boyd on healthy-lifestyle in the midst of the New Year mad-dash to redeem holiday excess and to take culture’s bait of svelt. Meredith is amazingly grounded – continually pulling it back to stewardship. Her message reminded me a lot of Bobby Rodriguez’s “surrendered-wellness.” I just love that phrase. In my own world (i.e. our house :) I’ve been using the surrendered concept with steps as I’ve been contemplating how faith and obedience can live together with grace – when things like obedience can sound performance-y and pressured. Then there’s the wildly popular chat with Lysa TerKeurst, plus lots more at OR YouTube channel (where at either you can subscribe to stay connected.)

Anywhooo – as always TBC (to be continued). I’ve been driving a couple of the kids mad with my super-cool and undeniably hip acronyms (like – “Hey, YTB (you’re the best) and don’t you forget it!” — apparently not-cool when yelled out the window at the carpool lane – whatever.) I’ve even garnished a “Mother! Please” hush-whispered my direction when I forgot someone new was in our car. At least I hadn’t broken out in song accompanied by well-placed hand-motions. … or did I?? (eek!!) I need to get out more.

Thanks for walking the road with me.


Special thanks to Julie Hildebrand, Erin Scheyer (SaySomething co-hosts) and Kathleen Fischer.

About Kathleen: Kathleen Fischer, RN author, life-coach, educator and mother of three has specialized in adolescents for over thirty years. She has worked in public health,taught in high school as well as at the university level and encourages parents through her popular seminars. Find Kathleen at and check out her terrific seminars.

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