Day 21: Tuesday

I’ve been a bit under the weather. My ear, the one that lost its low-frequency hearing almost a year ago, has been a bit bothersome of late. Couple that with catching Slow Walker’s crud from last week, and I just haven’t had much to give by the end of the day.

So, believe it or not, I was the one served on Monday.

My girls went out of their way to take over tasks they knew they could do and do well. … I have to be honest and tell you that as we’ve crossed into month eleven of our little empowerment experiment, I feel as though we’ve “hit the wall” on a 26 miler. Have they learned anything? Has it been worth the craziness? the effort? the complaining? the ….???

Today, my answer would be a resounding yes. As I sat struggling through my stack of Christmas cards, determined to get them in the mail before the actual day, I looked up to see…

the girls’ clothes spinning in the washing machine.

Done on their own initiative, sorted and everything!

It didn’t stop there. No they did the dishes, too…

and made my bed.

But a few pillow are missing.

Missing to some.

In the perfect spot to others.

Like a Future Hoarder of America who needed just a fewmore pillows to make the perfect fort.

No. Today I’d say all our crazy little tasks, odd jobs and eye rolls have been worth it.
Day 22 (Wednesday) of trying to put others ahead of ourselves…centered on an exercise in hospitality.

Each year we love to host (& co-host) a little gathering for their friends. If not, I would have punted this year. We hadn’t prepared much since I wasn’t feeling so great. So despite a few invitation snafus (a few of Sister Save-A-Lot’s friends never opened their invites), we cleaned, baked, wrapped and welcomed. And, as is always the case, we were much more blessed serving than the kiddos that came.

Here’s the low-down: We ask everyone to come with one wrapped ornament and on dozen cookies. The former to be exchanged with fellow party goers, the latter to be put in decorated bags and given to anyone of their choice (the mail carrier, the grocery bagger, a neighbor … whoever they might like to bless).

Speed Police and her friend Mary hosted the girls in their grade

… and FHA. All he wanted were the bags – the perfect spot for lots of treasures!

The girls each drew a number, then picked a gift accordingly.

Hmmmm … which gift too choose?

This one looks like a good one…

or maybe this one.

Oh, they all look so great.

 And they were.

Each girl left with a wonderful ornament – something they can hopefully use on their own trees someday down the road.

They also left with a bag of goodies

to share with someone special.

(We’re making the most of our lunch bags this season!)

All in all, a great few days. And….

we got the cards in the mail!!!

At least the bulk of them.

Oh yeah, have I introduced myself? My name is Kay. I’m a recovering enabler, procrastinator, grammar hacker. I’m calendar challenged and… a bit disorganized. Nothing like addressing a load or cards to convict the disorganized in the area of consolidation and alphabetization. Wouldn’t a central location for addresses make tasks like these a bit easier?! Naahhh… I can do that next year.

Thanks for walking the road with me.


 (Here’s an I’m sorry shout-out to my good friends whose addresses I’ve misplaced (or thought I sent your card in one of my post office trips, but since I don’t have a central list and for some reason thought I could remember which I had addressed, didn’t send another) coupled with a big old Merry Christmas… and promise to shoot for organization next year. I’m working on it. Until then, thank goodness for “next year”!)

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