What a gift the Opera Company of Philadelphia gave Macy’s shoppers a couple weeks ago. Not only did they spread the love through a beautiful song, they lifted the name of the Lord in their surprise performance as part of the Knight Foundations “Random Acts of Culture”. Take a peek and enjoy a few moments beauty.

I just love watching the faces in the crowd … especially toward the end of the song. You might notice the right edge is cut off in my embedding (I tried… guess it’s a true testimony to my technological challenges. :) So, here’s the youtube link if you’d like to see it in full screen: Opera Company of Philadelphia

Thanks to Susie Davis (our guest blogger for Thursday) for posting this on her blog. It’s sure fun to share such a neat video.

Thanks for walking the road with me.

Hoarder Siting:
On Friday, Sister Save-A-Lot opened her binder at school to get out her work for the day. Poor thing had to navigate a pile of acorns tucked in the pockets. (Remember? She’s the one who recently found 2 bars of soap and a mirror in her book bag’s pocket.) When she got home, she questioned Future Hoarder of America,
“Did you put these in my binder?” holding up a handful of nuts for the little guy to see.
“I wanted to save them.”
Of course he did.

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