I hope you get as big of a kick out of this as I did. Here’s one family’s attempt to stuff the X-Box push-back. Most of us with teenage boys can completely relate… okay, so feel the pain. To protect the overly sensitive (any middle schooler!), a certain gamer’s name has been changed.

Thanks Marty & Missy for taking a stand. (We may be coming to you for further legal assistance in areas like movie watching, attire, hair length, and … oh, so much more.)

… and thanks for walking the road with me.



         This Agreement is entered into this ___ day of February, 2011 among Gamer (“Gamer”) and Missy Casey (a blood relative and “Gamer’s Mom”) and Marty Green (not a blood relative, but “Gamer’s Stepfather”) and concerning an X-Box 360.

         WHEREAS Gamer previously had an X-Box 360; and

         WHEREAS the X-Box 360 has previously been the source of some family discord; and

         WHEREAS, in the past, Gamer has argued over the amount of time he gets to spend on the X-Box 360 and has refused to allow timers to be installed to monitor such time; and

         WHEREAS, Gamer’s Mom and Gamer’s Stepfather ultimately decided to remove said X-Box 360 to avoid such discord; and

         WHEREAS, Gamer has requested that he be allowed to purchase a new X-Box 360 and bring it into the home of Gamer’s Mom and Gamer’s Stepfather; and

         WHEREAS, Gamer’s Mom and Gamer’s Stepfather have agreed to consider allowing an X-Box 360 in their home if rules are established and followed; and

         WHEREAS, Gamer has agreed to abide by such rules, it is therefore agreed as follows:

         1.      Gamer will be permitted to purchase an X-Box 360.

         2.      The X-Box 360 will be permitted in the home of Gamer’s Mom and Gamer’s Stepfather, subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.

         3.      Gamer agrees that Gamer’s Mom and Gamer’s Stepfather will be permitted from time to time to establish parameters for the use of the X-Box 360.  Such parameters may be modified as Gamer’s Mom and Gamer’s Stepfather deem appropriate based on any relevant factor, including but not limited to Gamer’s grades, Gamer’s attitude, Gamer’s willingness to help as requested or assigned various chores, or other activities or events for which Gamer has been committed.

         4.      Gamer has specifically agreed that timers may be placed on the X-Box 360 as determined appropriate by Gamer’s Mom and Gamer’s Stepfather.

         5.      In addition to such timers, Gamer agrees that access to the X-Box 360 may not be permitted if Gamer has not yet completed his homework or his chores or for other grounds that Gamer’s Mom or Gamer’s Stepfather, in their sole and absolute discretion, determine.

         6.      Gamer agrees that persistent arguing for additional time or lobbying for additional use of the X-Box 360 may constitute grounds for denial of access to the X-Box 360.

         7.      Gamer agrees that any failure to follow these rules may result in additional consequences, including but not limited to a removal of the X-Box 360 from the household.

         Signed this __ day of February, 2011.


Gamer Casey


Missy Casey


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