In a MOAT home somewhere in Dallas…

Mom: “Did you call your uncle and give him your football schedule? He called Sunday to get it. Today is Friday.”

Son: “No. … Why would I know to do that?”

Mom: “Because I told you. I also printed out the schedule and put it on your computer with a note to call your uncle.” (hmmmm… enabler alert!)

Son: “Mom… Don’t you know I don’t read things you print out or email me?”


Son continued: “I only read text messages. … Did you text me?”

Mom: “What?”

Son: “Did you TEXT me. I only read text messages.”

Mom after realizing that her kid was in fact saying these things – and meaning them replied, “Obviously, ‘texting’ has removed your ability to communicate with others. Therefore your phone will go away until you have RE-learned valuable communications skills. Like CALLING YOUR UNCLE!”


Oh my word. Is he for real?! Does he think that a computer and phone are rights of passage to be used at his discretion, pleasure and whim? Ahhhh… So nice to know these conversations are similar in every teen-infused home.

Thanks MOAT mom for sharing.

… and thanks for walking the road with me. We might be pulling out our hair walking alone! (… the hair that was so nicely described as white by my nine-year old tonight. As in, “Why is that clump of hair right there white?!” I refrained from answering a knee-jerk, “Because of you, my darlings.”)

:) Kay

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