With school having just started, I thought I’d share this sent to me by one MOAT. I enjoyed it and hope you will too. Great food for thought, plus a few reminders to keep a smile on our faces and a laugh at hand because those go a long way with our kids.

Thanks for sharing!! … and thanks for walking the road with me.



When asked by a teacher “If you could tell adults one or more things they seem to have forgotten about what it’s like to be young, what would you tell them?”, here is how a group of middle school kids responded to a  writing exercise:

  • Adults, for one, have almost all of their time taken up by work and cannot enjoy the same mischievous attitude a child can. . . . A child has bliss in mischief where an adult may need it.
  • Youth at every age strives to achieve social success. . . . Teenagers especially crave to have the perfect appearance.
  • Although adults continually say “I was young once,” they forget the individual pressures from peers.
  • To have fun as adults, they must not be afraid to risk it all, laugh when they make a big mistake, and just do their best with a smile on their face. . . Some adults will never take risks. . . . Mostly with parents, they are always running around worrying about their kids and not just sitting back knowing that it will be OK.
  • The last problem that parents will forget is how tiresome and boring school can be at times. They disregard the fact that their child could have just been lectured to for an hour on the cells of a frog, a topic on which most students could fall asleep. When a child comes out of school, he usually wants to go run outside and enjoy the freedom of not being trapped at his desk.
  • If I could tell adults one thing that they seem to have forgotten about what it is like to be young, it would be what it is like to cope with real teenage problems. . . . Another issue teenagers confront is the approval of others. . . . For me the biggest problem I face on a day-to- day basis is the quality of my performance.
  • Children like action. They like to chase another sibling around the house or play tag with their friends. Most of the time adults show no action. The fun action that women get is moving their jaw up and down at a tea party or something of the sort. . . . Children like jokes. Whether tying a pajama leg into a knot or jumping out from behind a door, it is done by any child.
  • Parents need to realize that if we had a bad day in school, we are more than likely going to be grumpy when we get home. They need to not take offense when we say or do something that could hurt them; we do not really mean it. . . . Let us go on with our life, and we will work it out.
  • Many parents forget that one day their child will grow up and will not have the time to just relax and play whatever they want.
  • Adults forget the complications of being a kid. . . . One thing adults seem to have no recollection is that kids forget. We forget even the most important things, and while mercy is sometimes given, I usually do not expect it. Being a kid, there may be a thousand things going on in my mind at once and that can make it difficult to remember one specific assignment. While forgetting is a pet peeve of adults, kids should be given grace more often than not.

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