Here’s a quick little update on Wembley, or Lady Wembley, Duchess of Caruth, as one friend has named her. … She’s doing so much better. It’s hard to think we’re not past the point of concern.

playing in the water and getting clean.

Thanks for all the sweet notes and calls of encouragement!

While we’re updating, here’s the latest news from the hoarding front. Summer provides lots of time for a little sneaker to quietly rummage, hide and rearrange – according to his own idea of organization. Here’s what I saw during our nightly routine last night:

Walking by our bed, I noticed something under the mattress

Toothpaste. …Well, of course. Just in case one might be in need of a midnight brushing.

A cassette deck – the perfect spot to hide Connect Four checkers.

At the cusp of calling off an all-out search for his coveted blanket, the kid matter-of-factly informed us all, “It’s in the drawer” – my desk drawer, of course! Where else would it be?! …and with a yellow golf ball.

He gets into bed (in our closet) and starts to arrange his stuff… what’s in that orange Halloween pumpkin, the perfect container for all kinds of things?

a load of quarters. No pennies, dimes or nickles (who knows where he’s been stashing those)… but a couple handful of quarters that he swiped from somewhere.

He then reached over and punched the button on one of his alltime favorite bedtime buddies.

Jack’s Bed from Kay Wyma on Vimeo.

FHA’s Bedtime Friends


He likes to do this every so often in the middle of the night. …Hey, he keeps life exciting!

Thanks for walking the road with me.


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