I just can’t stop myself from sharing a little Wembley. Besides a little chewing thing, she’s a dream. We went to the vet today for her 12-week shots. I needed to confess that the dog has consumed at least a small tree in the amount of sticks she’s eaten. Today she made it through half of a log from our patio fireplace. I looked down to see her gagging, stick caught in her throat, splinters in her teeth. I felt so bad. Am I supposed to stop her? Will I be chastised for not “dog-proofing” my yard? I figured she’s an animal. Sticks are part of nature. What harm could it do.

Well… apparently, not much. There’s no stopping a retriever from munching the bark. “They’re kind of like goats,” our vet explained. “It’s crazy what they can eat and digest. Best to try keeping the logs at a minimum, if possible.”

Okey-dokey. Hey… at least it’s not my chairs!

…or my power cord. (Is this not so like a kid?! Tell them not to touch it and they sit as close as possible just in case you change your mind … or look away!)

Like I did this morning when she nabbed nibbled my journal.


Thanks for walking the very happy, minimal damage (so far!!) puppy road with me.


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