Thanks for all the great feedback on Kathleen’s terrific info yesterday. I thought I’d follow up with the rest of the story. Okay, it’s not the REST of the story … but the rest of our talk, which was sadly cut short due to car-pool calling my name.

I’m heading to Arizona tomorrow morning for an annual girl’s trip. I’ll be sure to post some pics. One of the kids asked me what we do while we’re away.

“Do you go to the gun range?” asked one. “Uhhh… NO.”

“What about horseback riding?” another piped in. “Hmmm… NO”

“Do you go down to the park area and play volleyball?” “No, we don’t.”

“What in the world do you do?!!” they chime in together.

“Nothing,” I reply. “Absolutely nothing.”

“What?” They don’t believe me.

“Yeah… we pretty much just sit around and talk. Then eat. Then sit around some more. … Oh, and we talk… Then eat again.”

“That doesn’t sound like fun,” replies the aspiring marksman.

Oh – It’s fun. And, I’m really looking forward to it. … But truth be told, I have a small pit in my stomach. I hate leaving them. I miss these kids when I’m not with them. They really are my best friends. We spend so much time together, I feel a bit lost without them. Nevertheless, I will force myself to leave, to eat leisurely meals, to get out of bed when I want to, to … (so much more). Then, I will get over my little bout of homesickness – and enjoy every minute of doing nothing.

I’ll let you know how it goes. … But until then, here’s more from Kathleen.

By the way, if you are loving her stuff (and our other terrific guest bloggers) PLEASE forward it to your friends. I pinch myself every time they send us things (or let me ambush them with a video camera), barely believing they are doing this for free. It’s truly amazing and a testimony to their commitment to our youth. All you need to do is click on the Facebook, Twitter or email button to the right to let your friends tap into our guests’ wisdom, too.

Talking with Kathleen – Kids and their Future from Kay Wyma on Vimeo.

Kathleen Fischer gives great ideas on brainstorming with your kids about their giftedness as it relates to their future vocation


Talking with Kathleen – Self Esteem from Kay Wyma on Vimeo.



Thanks Kathleen!!

… and thanks for walking the road with me.



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