“Hey, Mom.”


“While you were gone, there was a roach…. A HUGE one…. on it’s back – over there.” says Sister Save-A-Lot pointing toward the door.

“What did you do?”

“Dad was asleep. He told us to put a cup over it until he came down.”

“So did you do it.”

“No. I told Slow Walker to do it.”

“Did he do it.”

“No. He was too scared. He told Jack to do it.”

“Did Jack do it?”

“Well… We gave him the cup, showed him the roach, and told him to do it. But he didn’t want to either.”

“So — What did you do?”

“Slow Walker told Jack that he’d give him some chocolate if he’d do it. … He thought about it a minute then walked right over and put the cup on it. …Eewwww… It was SOOOOO gross.”

“You guys are so sneaky.”

“We like to call it manipulating.”

Well… doesn’t that say it all. At least they admit it!! They had several opportunities to creatively “problem solve” while I was gone. It was especially nice to see the girls race to each other’s aide – one who got into a bit of trouble when she asked (okay maybe demanded) that her father cook their breakfast; and the other when we completely forgot to do her Apple of My Eye (basically student of the week) poster. No need to mention we’ve known about that project for months. But, hey…. If we had been timely and organized, the girls would never have had such a meaningful opportunity to help each other.

That’s what I’m here for – to set the bar low and to provide opportunity for growth.

Thanks for walking the road with me.


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