So there’s “Open Doors” a fairly well-known organization ministering around the world. And “Open Loops”, those pesky menial tasks, to-do list bottom-feeders, that are often forgotten, conveniently ignored, but always secret stress inducers.

For our family, it’s “Open Drawers”.

Every day I walk into a room and see at least one open drawer. I don’t get it. How hard can it be to pick whatever shirt or shorts, take them out, put them on … and CLOSE the drawer. Or grab a spoon for your cereal … and CLOSE THE DRAWER.

Do they think they’re serving the one coming behind them by “leaving it open it for them“? Do they like seeing drawers open all over the house? Are they preparing for an inevitable mind change, leaving the drawer open … just in case? Or are they preparing for an emergency situation. “I have to leave my drawers open so I can do a super quick grab and run.”


I think it’s laziness. Well, laziness and a little procrastination… and certainly something else, but I’m not sure what. Needless to say, we’ve had lots of discussion about starting and finishing things. Not just clothes’ drawers, but many chores done but left slightly open.

“I love that you did the dishes. Great job, but why in the world would you leave the dishwasher open? All you need to do is close and start it.  It’s actually the easiest part.” … “And why leave the trash can open?”

“When you cut the cantaloupe, which by the way is an amazing thing to do and do well, throwing away the seeds and rind is terrific. But you need to go a little extra mile and wipe up the mess. It’s super sticky and attracts bugs.”

“Thanks for picking up Wembley’s poop. Good job being on top of a yucky job. Next time put it in a bag. Leaving it on a shovel just isn’t quite cutting it.”

“Appreciate your skimming the pool, but why leave the net there?! But a few small steps away is a nice, out-of-sight spot where the net resides. Please just put it away.”

I guess it’s not just about doing the work, but completing the job. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. An equipper’s job is never done. Well, hopefully one day it will be.

Thanks for walking the road with me. I promise to close the drawer behind me.


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