Last year, Speed Police hit us with the inevitable “Can I have a cell phone?” question.  Going into 5th grade, she saw her friends toting the mobile friend connecter and felt the need to be in on the deal.  Dad’s (or should I say missionary-kid-who-never-had-electronic-anything-until-only-a-few-years-ago’s) response, “No.”

It really bugs him the way kids have every new gadget the minute it hits the shelf.  He finds adolescent life over-indulgence at it’s finest.  So “No” rolls off his tongue often.  She took it well.  Months later she even told me on the sly, “You know, I’m glad I didn’t get a phone.  I’m pretty sure I would just leave it on my desk.  My friends don’t even use theirs.”  Her wisdom warmed my heart.

Nonetheless, she started singing the phone song again a few weeks ago.  After calculating all the costs and forming her argument, she went to her dad once again.  They agreed that at a certain point in the near future, if she paid for the phone and any incremental costs on our bill … she could get a phone.

No grass grows under her feet.  And, since our June Job Month has cushioned her stash (she might not be Sister-Save-A-Lot, but she’s done a good job maintaining a balance in her bank account), the kid was ready for the green light.
She got it.  So, off we went to find the perfect phone.  No data plan, just texting (which we have free reign to check at any time) and calling.

Hmmm.  Looking for a touch screen, keyboard (easier to text with), and a sliding rather than flip function.  … Is this the one?

How about this one?

She’s arrived!  The phone of her dreams.  (At least for a few months.  We steered clear of the iPhone area.  She would need to do LOTS more babysitting jobs for that beauty.)

Jack Bower!  I knew you didn’t go away forever.  So, you’ve gained a few pounds, and you’re working “undercover” at the AT&T store — thank goodness your safe!! ~~ Wait!  Who are those guys with uzis over there?  And that ominous, yet familiar ticking sound — plus split screens…


Ok. It’s no wonder I embarrass these kids!

Back in the real world, Speed Police has been working hard.  Not every day, but enough to realize that work isn’t always fun.  Work doesn’t cater to her desires and schedule.  But in the end, work is productive and rewarding.  It feels good and even provides opportunity.

Great job kid!

Maybe I should text her.

Do you think I’d embarrass them in this super cool, and informative t-shirt?!! Hey, it’s practical, “Fashionably Geek”  and “Nerd Approved”…. right up my alley!

Thanks for walking the road with me.


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