#hydratefortheholidays: Practicing Thankfulness

IMG_6939 Don’t panic. Even though the words, “Can we get together next week? The Friday before Thanksgiving?” might have been spoken today [What?! Friday before Thanksgiving?! Next week!! EEEK!], there’s still time. Breathe. Truth be told, in most other years, Thanksgiving would be next week. But this year, the holiday falls the last week of November. Which means December begins just about the time we finish leftovers from all the terrific cooking and eating and sleeping and eating. Breathe. Seriously, remind me to not beg tomorrow’s problems for today. It makes today go by too fast. Rather than give into any pressures to feel stressed over what can seem like a time crunch, maybe it’s time to practice one of the simplest, yet challenging, but most powerful strategies to get our thoughts to land: gratitude. Did you know that:

Focus on the Family & #hyrdratefortheholidays – Eyes on Others

Two Women Relaxing on the Beach Being the calendar-challenged person that I am, or it could simply be the flaky-factor that seems pervasive in all I do (or forget to do) – I kind of forgot that the super wonderful folks at Focus on the Family are airing a conversation we had about finding contentment in a comparison/ultra-competitive world. I have to tell you – those folks at Focus are the real deal. They are in it for us. They’re in it to spread the message of God’s love. They’re in it, walking alongside, embracing the good, the bad & the ugly and pointing listeners to helpful hints on how to walk the road and thrive instead of simply survive. I’m so humbled that they asked me to join them in outing the ick that hits us daily via comparison. So – I haven’t listened (and I’m a tiny bit scared to listen, I sound

#hydratefortheholidays – Sacred in the Ordinary

h4u takeaway - looking For the most part, days are ordinary. My sister in law said it well earlier today when we were doing what we do – phone chat. We touch base almost daily. Not so long ago, my brother would go through the phone bill, get frustrated with the costly long-distance minutes and try to put the kabosh on our daily calls. Needless to say, we’re thankful for these days of cell phones & unlimited. Today, she was filling me in on her exciting times in Atlanta: a trip to Costco, taking a kid to tennis, rearranging her house. She’s always switching things around. And in the switching she started to get excited about having Thanksgiving at her house this year. So she decided to look for a few Fall decorations while she was out running errands. Apparently such decor was nowhere to be found. Christmas – yes. Fall – no. And she thought about

#hydratefortheholidays: Tip # 2 – Addressing Unnecessary Rudeness

Gentle Answer This morning I woke with a mixed heart. I had either had a dream or was praying – I’m not sure, but it involved one of my friends who is dying. I actually have more than one friend who, according to regular expectations in life, should not have that word a part of their vocabulary at their ages, so my thoughts are busy. It’s weird to contemplate and to watch and to live life with people who might not have many days left. They are solid in their faith in the One who is the Author of life, who has numbered our days, whose love and strength and presence and power rule in the midst of every and all circumstance(s). Yet it’s a struggle to know where to put all the emotion that comes with hope and suffering and sickness. Because it’s all there. So we travel the road together. And the last few weeks have made me so grateful for
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