Tuesday August 21 – Not the Boss of Us: Putting Overwhelmed in Its Place in a Do-all, Be-all World’s pub date

5:50   Wake up and try to get a post written to share the fun news about putting Overwhelmed in its place before heading to DFW FOX 4 for morning live interview.

6:00  Sneak in and get Mitty out of daughter’s bed since he must have heard me going downstairs.

6:20  After failing to keep Mitty quiet so everyone can grab as much sleep as possible since school starts tomorrow and the next day, decided to take Mitty on a walk since its a beautiful morning. Quickly realize it’s HOT and I really don’t have time to be walking.

6:40 Race to shower, dry my hair and get ready for high-def set. Try on, take off, try on, take off outfits even though I thought I had decided what to wear the night before.(eek!) all while sweating (since it was so hot on our walk) and bribing Mitty to keep quiet.

7:09 Leave house, hoping for NO TRAFFIC since I need to be there at 7:15 (SO not going to happen)

7:20 Arrive at FOX 4, find the absolute perfect parking place and see this guy on the way in. Who knew a real guy is in that outfit – or suit.

His name is Cletus. He does all the cool football stuff on FOX Sports.

7:25  Proceed to make-up where they do their best to make me presentable. In the nicest way, the make-up artist makes me look and feel like a million bucks (he told me I looked great BEFORE he worked his magic.) We talked about Overwhelmed the whole time. He told me his parents who live in Central America even struggle with it. Is it a human condition? Maybe. Probably … Then we laughed about the old stuff that used to grab attention like dial-up modems and My Space. (I wonder if Instagram & Facebook will go the way of you’ve got mail)

7:45  Head to the set where I tip-toe past the weather guy to take my seat.

7:50 The monitor placed behind me and Lauren Przybyl (wonderful morning anchor) that’s supposed to show the book and other graphics goes out. Sound guy moves it out of the way right before we start which means our chairs look really far apart. But we start in on a fun chat. Lauren asks a question that I begin to answer about the time the sound guy is told to move us closer together. So as I’m trying to answer L’s question, he sneaks in to move her chair DURING THE INTERVIEW (we’re live!) – she’s shushing and asking him to stop; I’m trying to ignore it all and answer the question; Lauren’s trying to listen while pushing him away – oh my word! It was like a sitcom. Hilarious!

8:00  We have a good laugh and hope it went well. What else can you do.

8:45  I get home and start a load of laundry before making a quick (not so quick) run to the grocery store.

9:50  Get back home and am TOTALLY SURPRISED by my girls cleaning the kitchen AND the most beautiful flowers from my publisher. Thanks Lucy, Sally & Andrea!

10:00  Pre-interview chat by phone for a national interview tomorrow.

10:30  Go to Northpark to scout out a spot to have the Book Launch Party that we half-way sort-of planned, but never finalized because it’s Summer and other stuff was going on. It’s all good. Pop-up parties are the best! (If we pull it together :)

11:30  Grab lunch for everyone while tying to encourage a certain someone to finish their summer reading since school starts TOMORROW! (He’s done all the reading – just the assignment part needs the tiniest bit of attention.)

12:15  Leave for Point of View live hour-long chat with the great Kerby Andersen while making sure that another kid gets to school for registration.

2:45  Get home from POV.

3:00  Go to DSW with kids who need school shoes. Success! Race home then take another to get a haircut. Success! Race home again – this time to sit on the couch and watch the end of an old Say Yes to the Dress episode with the girls & Mitty.

5:00 Pick up my computer to finish the post started a little earlier in the day. So happy I didn’t finish it because then I couldn’t say THANK YOU to all the sweet people who have blown out of the water sharing and encouraging and posting and hosting and so much more!

5:45  Obligatorily – and actually happily – share links to Not the Boss of You knowing that the message is worthwhile.

We’re the comic relief amidst loads of TRUTH that is so worth being overwhelmed by – especially in today’s environment, cultural trends, information overload, stress, pressures and so many other things that steal our thoughts and peace. Because the thing about TRUTH – it is, has been and always will be the unshakeable, unmovable ground where peace and hope and joy reside.

I hope you’ll check it out, consider sharing with friends and it would be ever so helpful if you’d write a review on Amazon (ttps://amzn.to/2Pq15A8) or on Good Reads (https://bit.ly/2vVQ7Km). Thanks as always, for walking the road with me!

– Kay

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