Internet Silver Linings

I’m weary of so much that comes with the Internet of Things these days. A couple of the things that make me the most tired are: The underlying (explicit) push toward personal branding and image manipulation/control. I guess I’m still mulling over that topic from this week’s #hydrationfortheholiday thoughts on getting over Christmas card image-pressures to seeing the pic behind the pic – as in all the regular. My stomach turns when I see things like: “2016 – This is it—the year you get into peak fitness, grow your income, and deepen your most significant relationships” – buttressed by “5 Secrets to Finally Getting the Life You Want” all written and promoted by a faith-based leader who also promotes tricks and tips on doubling your Twitter followers. How does

#hydratefortheholidays: pic behind the pic

When recently asked about intro-info beyond regular bio stuff by a group wanting to be consistent with my “image”, I couldn’t help but reply with a slice of real: I have no management over an “image” :) Except that I manage to constantly embarrass my kids. One asked me yesterday after sinking low in her shotgun seat, “Mawwmmm!!! Do you act like this when we’re not in the car?!!” And by this, she might have been referring to my singing (which honestly was very close to Adele’s) and my accompanying hand motions. I’m in the car a lot. What can I be but myself.  I sing in the shower – loud. So why not the car, too? It’s only awkward when the person stopped beside sees. Or when my windows might be down. And then there’s “that moment” when the daughter

#hydratefortheholidays: It’s the thought that counts – even on Black Friday

“Guess what today is??!” Jack excitedly asked as he came downstairs for breakfast. “The day after Thanksgiving?” I ask back. “Mahhmm!” he exhales. “How can you not know? It’s like a HUGE deal.” “I don’t know,” I shrug. “What day is it?” “It’s Black Friday!” “Ohhh…” Did he seriously just say Black Friday – like it’s a holiday? Does he think it signifies something important? worth celebrating and commemorating? “Yes – it’s finally here. Black Friday.” He smiled and started to gather what he wanted to eat for breakfast. I guess he was preparing for the big day (as if we’ve ever said a word about it.) Then he paused and thought for a moment, “What is Black Friday?” He’s so funny. I guess he’s heard so much about all the hype and the deals on the radio and t.v., he thought

#hydratefortheholidays: Tip #6 – Look Up

Having Thanksgiving at the end of November really does put a kink into things. On the one hand, aren’t we supposed to be planning December since IT STARTS NEXT WEEK? But on the other, what about the Turkey? and lazy, and food, and football, and raking/jumping into leaves, and food, and family/friends, and food and hanging out? But December IS HERE and I don’t want to get behind, or be rushed, or forget something (eek!) The walls start to feel like they’re closing in (am I the only one?!) and even I begin to make lists. And in the making of lists I start to think about all the things that NEED TO BE ON A LIST. Then I see the list and think how ridiculous it is – because I’m laid back and have never been friends with lists. In fact, I’m a terrible list maker. I write the stuff down, usually on a scrap of paper that resembles a Chic-Fil-A receipt
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