More Inspiration From the Headlines

As May begins to make us crazy like December so often does, here’s a little inspiration from the headlines to remind us that we have plenty of able (not saying eager) bodies around to pitch in. Plus it will be good for them. And might offer incentive for all of us to get them working this summer… which is right around the corner. YAY!!! Thanks to MOAT moms Lisa and to EEE:Equip:End Enabling FB page (a very cool resource started by a group of parents walking the road together – check it out and join) for sharing. First Amy Langfield shares from TODAY that “Teens (are) More Materialistic, Less Likely To Work Hard” Today’s teenagers are more materialistic and less interested in working hard than the baby boomers were in their teens, according to a new study. But sorry, boomers, the researchers say it’s

Otherwise Dog-upied

dog Summer is sadly barreling to a close for the Wyma family. The kids’ school begins next week (ohhh… say it ain’t so!!) One of the kids has been toiling away the entire summer, preparing for his academic year ahead. He’s amazing that way. I think it has something to do with his “owning” his life after we agonizingly stuffed our desire to race in and save him a couple years ago. Still, let’s just say no one would ever have caught me studying during the summer. Noooo, even my summer reading requirements were always met the week before the school bell tolled. Quite frankly, it’s amazing I’ve ever gotten anything done considering my issues with disorganization, procrastination and propensity to eek every second of fun out of time-off. As I’ve witnessed one of the other kids

Endurance Training

mowing 1 I can barely believe that August is just around the corner. I can almost feel school breathing down my neck…. eek! Have I mentioned how much I love summer. That I just might live for summer. Okay, “living” for it might be a tad dramatic… but summer is so wonderful and carefree and wonderful and carpool-free and wonderful and – okay enough. Why does my family adore June, July & August? Beyond the no-school thing, we tend to have a no-schedule thing, too. Sure we might do a camp here and there. But on the whole, we do our best to steer clear of activities … especially those requiring transportation. Carpool during the school year is enough for me. I sure don’t want to relive it in the summer. That said, the kids have still embraced their work efforts – a few really stretching themselves.

All in a Day’s Work

Summer is well under way as are all the free time opportunities. What are you kids up to? Because there’s more than x-Box to fill the empty spaces. Time Magazine reported this week that the job market offers a few options for those that are willing. Here’s some of what Brad Tuttle had to say in Summer Jobs Market Bounces Back – But Most Teens Won’t Work Anyway: Last summer, 1.1 million Americans ages 16 to 19 found summer jobs, up from 960,000 the summer before. In both cases, per NPR, the figures meant that slightly less than 30% of teens who could work were working. In the ’90s and through 2000, by contrast, more than 50% of this demographic were regularly working summer jobs. The awful state of the jobs market in recent years—summer jobs or otherwise—have surely played a role in declining teen employment.
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