Headlines Heard on the Street

megaphone Today’s Table Talk offers some encouragement to moms and dads in the trenches as we try to equip rather than enable our kids. All of the articles (which be sure to click the links for full reads) were sent to me by fellow MOATs. So happy reading … as if you have nothing better to do :) And keep on sharing. It puts wind in all our sails. Very interesting article in The New York Times, Sunday Opinion – Raising Successful Children: In a typical experiment, Dr. Dweck takes young children into a room and asks them to solve a simple puzzle. Most do so with little difficulty. But then Dr. Dweck tells some, but not all, of the kids how very bright and capable they are. As it turns out, the children who are not told they’re smart are more motivated to tackle increasingly difficult puzzles. They also exhibit higher levels of confidence

Heeard on the Street

no right on red Pontificating to the captive (okay, so maybe sequestered) audience, sometimes known as carpool, I capitalized on the opportunity to teach my children and their friends the merits of standing up for your rights. “Yup … Here’s the light where I got a ticket. Uh-huh. Got it in the mail for apparently failing to stop at a red light.” “You got a ticket??!!” one child oohs. She follows with a whisper to neighboring passenger, “I wonder if she’s told Dad?!” “I can hear you. And yes, I told your father. I would tell him no matter what. And often, I’m wrong. But… I did not deserve the ticket. See those cameras up there?” I ask while pointing to the traffic lights in the distance and the white video cameras perched on top. “Well… they took my picture

Table Talk – Not so hot off the press

Since my calender challenges took over this week, today’s Table Talk really isn’t a Table Talk . Needless to say, I failed to line up a guest blogger for us. BUT, forgetfulness has ignited my fire to shake the bushes for some terrific folks that love to share wisdom. Until then, here is a portion of an article that should inspire us to keep on keepin’ on equipping our kids lest they fall further and further into dependence on us for everything they do in their lives… plus a funny video that seals the deal (thanks Nancy for sharing!) New York Post – The Worst Generation? You’ve Heard the Whining, now studies back it up. (May 2010) “…In a series of studies using surveys that measure psychological entitlement and narcissism, University of New Hampshire management professor Paul Harvey

Hitting the Links

paper clips I don’t normally do this, but today’s post is a linking one. Maybe it’s a rainy day and I feel like being lazy. Or maybe there’s just SO much great stuff, I can’t help myself from sharing what people have sent. On Wednesday, Erika provided the link to Tommy Jordan’s (Monday’s angry dad) response to some of the overwhelming media attention and opinions he’s received since the aftermath of posting a rebuttal on his daughter’s Facebook page. Since most of us are a bit technologically challenged, here’s a small snippet: (for the rest click here – TJFacebook.) Contradiction in Terms? No I don’t think so. Yes I told my daughter not to air that kind of material on Facebook because it was hurtful to other people. It embarrassed them. It caused them to feel humiliated,
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