Since my calender challenges took over this week, today’s Table Talk really isn’t a Table Talk . Needless to say, I failed to line up a guest blogger for us. BUT, forgetfulness has ignited my fire to shake the bushes for some terrific folks that love to share wisdom.

Until then, here is a portion of an article that should inspire us to keep on keepin’ on equipping our kids lest they fall further and further into dependence on us for everything they do in their lives… plus a funny video that seals the deal (thanks Nancy for sharing!)

New York Post – The Worst Generation? You’ve Heard the Whining, now studies back it up. (May 2010)

“…In a series of studies using surveys that measure psychological entitlement and narcissism, University of New Hampshire management professor Paul Harvey found that Gen Y respondents scored 25 percent higher than respondents ages 40 to 60 and a whopping 50 percent higher than those over 61.

In addition, Gen Y’s were twice as likely to rank in the top 20 percent in their level of entitlement — the “highly entitled range” — as someone between 40 and 60, and four times more likely than a golden-ager.

Harvey’s conclusion? As a group, he says, Gen Yers are characterized by a “very inflated sense of self” that leads to “unrealistic expectations” and, ultimately, “chronic disappointment.”

And if you think the Gen Yers in your workplace are oversensitive as well as entitled, Harvey’s findings back that up, too. Today’s 20-somethings have an “automatic, knee-jerk reaction to criticism,” he says, and tend to dismiss it.

“Even if they fail miserably at a job, they still think they’re great at it.”

Of course, to be fair, there’s another stereotype about Gen Yers. They may be high-maintenance, but they’re committed and idealistic, and determined to do work they believe in. A fair estimation?

No, according to another study, which will be published in the Journal of Management in September. Co-author Stacy Campbell, an assistant professor of management at Kennesaw State University, says the study revealed that when it comes to work, the two things Gen Yers care most about are a) high salaries, and b) lots of leisure time off the job.

“They want everything,” says Campbell. “They want the time off. They want the big bucks.”

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Ban the Bag Portlandia (I especially love the “Move your mouth. I’ll just say it for you.” Hilarious!)

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