Well… I did it. 

TheMOATblog has packed up our stuff and moved.

As with any move, the last few runs seem to take on a life of their own. So you might have to bear with some glitches. But I hope you like the format.

Why move?

I really wanted to have a venue for our new video blogs. Check out MySagePage to see the inaugural effort. Here’s hoping they get a bit snazzier with time… but the content is great — Well worth sharing and passing to friends.

The reason I started theMOATblog last year was 2-fold. 1) to get my get kids working and 2) to provide a format for us (in our unique life stage of time-starved schedules) to gather incredibly pertinent information that can help us navigate the parenting tween/teen road.

In an effort to augment the latter, here’s the SquareSpace version of theMOATblog. We still have our Table Talks (they’re even indexed by guestblogger on the Table Talk page), our great Ironing Board, email subscription option, new “Share” buttons (you can click on them to easily share a post through Facebook, Twitter, email, and so much more) and MySagePage videos. There is also a neat direct email function on the “Contact Me” page. It provides a secure way for you to directly email me with any questions, suggestions or concerns. I’m happy to pass anything to our Ironing Board gals who are always available to help … and will even email you back if you’d like.

So… there you have it. I hope the email-subscription element works seamlessly for those of you who signed up to get email notification of new posts and that my Google-Reader friends can keep theMOATblog on your radar. I’m no web-designer, so my hack job could have some holes.

Also, let your friends know about the new blog format by emailing a link. Add it to your Reader (I say, not at all understanding that function). Sign up to get email notifications … Then, let me know the topics you’d like covered.

And, by all means, COMMENT! :) I, for one, love hearing what’s working (or not working) in your homes. We sure don’t have to walk this road alone.

Thanks for bearing with my technologically-challenged effort. I hope you like it.


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