glass half full

Marie Osmond, one of my favorite childhood stars, graciously invited me to come to L.A. for a little chat on her lovely set. The Marie Show airs on Hallmark  – which is fast becoming my favorite network – along with PBS (Downton Abbey) and A&E (uh, Duck Dynasty!) and USA (White Collar) … just sayin’.

The television stuff always adds such an interesting kink in things for me. I’m getting better about the make-up, but it’s still hard to consider clothing, as I can’t help but wish I was my old pre-Jack size. And hair – which I dutifully had cut a couple weeks ago (since I go for months – this time 7 – sans trim … not sure why I do that). It didn’t help matters that within moments of me pointing to my chin and saying, “I’d love for the layers to start here,” Sebastien (greatest haircut guy ever) cut the length of my hair there. As I watched five inches of hair fall to the floor, what could I do but regroup and prepare myself for short hair.

Next came outfit choice. Marie’s program is so nice and casual which means my Steinmart wardrobe could pass muster. Still I took the girls with me shopping (an activity I’ve loathed most of my known life) just to be on the safe side.

Though we breezed through options, nothing really hit home. I decided to wear my uniform du jour, a black Isle ruffle dress topped off by a denim jacket and my very favorite, wear them every day (sad, but true), Aquataila boots. I really would wear this every day if I could. Since I have the same dress in brown, I let the girls decide which one. Of course one liked black, the other liked brown. So much for that.

Next – the girls got to baking. Whenever someone is nice enough to invite me to their set, I try to bring a little something for the crew. And what better than from-scratch brownies or cookies made by the hands of my incredibly capable kids? Barton, true to her name, stepped up to the plate while I ran out for some last minute life-goes-on errands. With my flight leaving at early in the morning, we needed to get everything cooked and boxed the night before.

With my flight leaving at 9, I had just enough time the next morning to get the kids breakfast and out the door for school. Sounds smooth, but of course it wasn’t. Clothes couldn’t be found (why didn’t he lay it out before going to bed?!), the printer needed ink (why didn’t that kid do it the night before?!), sweet Snopes had a low-grade fever/overall yuck (uhg, why today?!) and the car keys were nowhere to be found (why does the clock seem to move faster when an airport is involved?!)

We finally all made it out the door and I wondered why I couldn’t I have left thirty minutes earlier and avoid  stress…. and traffic! Nothing like a complete shut down on 183 to get your heart pumping, fully aware that my flight choice left no room for delays.

Needless to say, by the grace of God, I made it to the airport, parked and squeaked into my seat just under the wire (thank goodness security lines were short!) and I breathed.

After take-off, while waiting to access my electronics, I perused American Way and was reminded of why I’m going to Los Angeles to chat with Marie. Why we are talking about equipping our kids and ditching our engrained enabling ways.


Unique giftedness hidden in each and every one of our kids. Gifts they were given by God. Gifts they are uniquely created to use.

When questioned about his gift (a staggeringly amazing voice and musical talent), the humble mega-star Andrea Bocelli – who happens to have lost his sight at age 12 – told Kathleen Parish, “God has his own design. Everyone has gifts. What you have to do is be aware of them and cultivate them and love them. Very often people are not aware of their own talents because they get lost in wishing for the talents of others. Most people waste half their time complaining about something. I would not have had time to rise if I complained about every else. In fact, I’ve always considered my life not a glass half full, but a full glass.”

Cue the “like” button. Okay LOVE.

Isn’t that what parenting is all about? Helping our kids search for and find their unique gift. Encouraging them as they develop the gift. Then getting out of the way so the gift can shine. All while being happy for others rather than wasting time wishing for other gifts.

Who knew a narrowly made flight could put some wind in my sails.

Thanks for walking the road with me. (More on Marie later :)


This was also on my plane, so funny! (worth watching twice – same things my kids say … especially “all she ever talks about is chores” and “seriously, it’s like everything on there is work” :)

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