With the school year coming to an close, and in the spirit of English Literature (soon to be replaced by swimming, biking, & just plain hanging out!), I’m moved to offer an ode to “endings”.

Oh Blue P.E. Bag
You’ve been so faithful throughout the year
Opening your zipper
No matter the smell  that came near
Be free dear friend, as your contents are washed and stored
Enjoy the darkness of a closed closet door.

Oh Water Bottle
Only the most expensive would do
As we wondered the aisles at Dick’s, we found you.
Environmentally friendly
Color coordinated with our school bags,
Stay hidden in the cabinet
Out of the reach of grubby hands.

Oh Uniform
Your buttons so snug,
We found you at the school store
Only five dollars a plug.
The shirts and the jumpers, the skirts and the shorts,
Though easy to don
We’ve all tired of your sort.

Oh School Shoe
You’ve seen better days.
The gaping hole in you sole
Has been attracting gaze.
Thank goodness you’re black
For at Michael’s I’ve found
on the shelf close to the ground,
A role of of duck tape perfect for closing the crack.

The passing of our dear Great Harvest Bread Company
Snider Plaza why, oh why, did you say
“Good-by” long-term tenant…
You’ve made the faithful very sad on that day.
So long Cinamon Burst … we loved your sweet surprises
Audios Honey Whole Wheat, you’ll always be on our …. mind-ez
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, you passed yourself off as cake
Now saddest of all, our bread I will be forced to bake.

The End of a School Year
Brings many a smile
We so love our summer
Please last a LOOOOOOOOONG while!

Ta -Dah!

(artistic license and “multiple-donation-of-brain-cells-upon-birthing-of-children” disclaimer invoked)

Thanks for walking the road with me :)

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