A couple weeks ago, we made our way to Walgreen’s to cater to a little somebody’s whim. It’s hard to say “no” to the kid. I’m a total push-over with that one.

car antlers

We walked in empty handed and walked out ready to adorn our car with some Rudolph action. The sheer excitement of that child made it worth weathering my teens’ eye-rolls and “how embarrassing”s. (Seriously – as if those would change my mind.) Antlers donned, fake red nose adorned, off we drove with one cute kid sitting proud in his Christmas car.

Driving to school the next morning, we pulled up by a friend. I did what I do, rolled down the window to say hi. One thing with reindeer antlers on your car, it’s important to keep the windows holding them in place rolled up. As if in slow motion, the antler next to Jack started to fall, he in turn began to scream, and Snopes yelped “the window!!” in an effort to stop my dastardly deed. The crunching sound under my tire told the tale. That poor antler had seen better days.

We weathered the tears and drove around a few days red-nosed and antler lopsided. Until today when we were pulled up behind a car that had apparently done the same thing. When we came to a stop, I coerced one of the kids to hop out and run give the family in front of us our antler. At least one of our cars would be complete!

A bit slow on the uptake, we missed our opportunity to make the pass-off. Determined, we beeped at the car and motioned as we hit the next stop sign. They noticed us and waited for Fury to run their way. Needless to say, they were thrilled to get the antler. But the car behind us, not so much. Rather than politely go around us, or possibly be patient for – oh, maybe 20 seconds – that driver laid on his horn. Then, as he emphatically pulled around, he blared again, topping it all off with a dleightful little expletive yell accompanied by a fist shake.


My goodness. It’s Christmas. Can we not be friendly? Even for a 20 second (if that) neighborly act?! It was a bit unnerving.

Then I read this from our friend Erin Schreyer on her Facebook page:

Went to the Post Office. The line was about 15 people deep. Just before me in line was a mother with a toddler in a stroller. She waited in line for a few minutes, saw how slow it was moving and then noticed a “self-service” machine in the lobby. I saw her think about it and then leave the line to use the machine.

This mother bent down, gave her child a sippy cup and raisins. She came prepared. He drank and ate and then was bored again. He squirmed and fussed and then began crying. I watched this mother do everything she could to calm and/or entertain her little guy. I also watched as people stared, did nothing, or worse…acted completely annoyed and judgmental.

As I got close to being called by the Postal worker, I asked the mother (probably 5 people behind me) if she would like to go before me. I quickly noticed that the people in line didn’t appreciate this gesture. They were mad that they would have to wait for one more person. The mother noticed it too, and although she was nervous and sweating over her son’s behavior, I could see that she didn’t want to upset anyone.

I thought for a quick second and offered another solution. “Can I just trade places with you?” I offered. I knew this could solve the problem for her and for the people who didn’t want to wait a second longer.

She was so grateful, and I assured her it was no problem. I’ve been there before with a fussy toddler, and there’s not much you can do except stress about all the other people who act so bothered by it. I just wanted to help.

I share this only because what I did was a VERY small thing to do. It was a simple gesture. We can ALL offer up moments like this.

It’s Christmas, folks. There’s no better time to show people love. And, love is often shown in very simple ways.

Let’s try to show love. Can we? It’s not a religious thing. We can all appreciate the spirit of Christmas. Let’s give the gift of love to one another. And the world will be much Merrier…

Please like, share, pass on, be inspired and go do something for someone else. Let’s get it going!

I’m with her.

Here’s to spreading some Christmas cheer as we go about our business – in a neighborly, simple-gestures sort of way. And please, honking people, take a break from it… if only for a few days.

Thanks for walking the road with me.


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