I’ve changed our menu just a bit and am starting to add stuff folks are requesting. I’m calling it “KIDCANDOO”. Kids doing for themselves … because they can.

It’s just at the beginning stages, so I need your help. This section is going to be for us, provided by us … which means the content will be yours. Your pics. Your ideas. Your inspiring stories and articles.Your Experiments – to rid your home of Youth Entitlement. If no one shares, it will feel like a bit of a vacant lot on our road to enabling recovery. But I’m thrilled to share what I’ve already received from those who have started experiencing the inherent hilarity and certain results – confidence & independence.

Let’s work together to find out what a kid can do? (Because, believe it or not, I still wade through a river of “I can’t do it” whines every so often.) So…share and inspire. None of us need to walk this road alone.


Send them my way, so we can post here and on Instagram at kidcandoo (Instagrammers, check it out :)



“Ok, so our disposal backed up into the dishwasher, after the dishwasher had run it’s cycle. The gross dirty water sat in the bottom of the dishwasher all night and most of today before we discovered the problem. My normally germaphobic girls, thought the dishes would be just fine to eat off of. Their momma had a different idea. So not only are they washing and drying everything that was in the overloaded dishwasher, they are also doing all the dishes from breakfast lunch and dinner tonight. Btw, they are begging me to go get paper plates!!! I have to admit, their attitudes have been good, they know better than to roll their eyes at their mean momma!!
Now it’s time to get a big bowl of ice cream and settle in to a good movie!!”
– alwaysmeanmamma from Dallas (daughters 17 & 21)

When I asked alwaysmeanmamma if I could share, she added this, which I think blows even more wind to our sails…

“My girls sometimes feel like they are on an island as there are SO many kids not expected to help out. Under the category of “this sounds like I’m patting myself on the back” but I have always expected chores from my girls and although they push back sometimes, they realize the value. We are seeing it with ‘S’ and various college roommates. Yesterday before ‘M’ left town she cleaned the kitchen and folded clothes without being asked while I was at work!! I made sure to gush about it! I have tried to teach that although mom and dad make the final decisions, we are all roommates who are expected to contribute in various ways. Of course my girls are older, 17&21, so we are in a different stage.
To whom much is given, much is required”


sisters origami

Young Dallas Sister Use Origami to Help Fund Water Wells (Dallas Morning News, 3/24/12, by Elaine Kollaja)

or whatever might get us all looking at mountains as opportunities rather than obstacles.

Everyone that sends me something will be entered in monthly give-aways. We have a generous supporter that is eager to encourage the sharing of ideas. A lovely Keurig Coffee Maker will be sitting in someone’s kitchen very soon in an effort to spur us on we get this going.

Where to send it?

email pics to me at:

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Thanks for walking the road with me. Hope it’s as fun for you as it has been for me. Of course, the kids would feign agony – but even that doesn’t stick anymore.


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