Okay, so I can’t stop myself for sharing this video, mostly because it has gone viral (over 20 million hits). Clearly this frustrated dad hits a nerve with lots of folks. He takes a stand and points out the audacity of his daughter’s entitled attitude in quite a memorable way. You’ll have to make it through some inappropriate language, but boy am I glad that this dad not only took a stand… but shared it for all to see.

Thanks to Julie for sending it my way. We certainly aren’t walking the road alone!


Warning (from Tommy Jordan, the dad): “Since this video seems to have gone crazy, I figure I’ll post this notice. I’m going to read a letter my 15 year old daughter wrote. There ARE some curse words in it. None of them are incredibly bad, but they are definitely things a little kid shouldn’t hear… not to mention things MY KID shouldn’t say!
If you want to see the original Facebook thread, it’s located at:

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