Todays table talk is literally a talk we had last week at her dining room table. She graciously agreed to let me rope her in on my hair-brained idea to have video as well as written guest blogs. I hope you think it’s fun. (Please let me know!)

The first clip is on a rather timely topic… especially as I sat at a game today next to a mom whose 4 (yes 4!)-year-old can apparently read, play tennis, put together puzzles that perplex their 8-year-old neighbor and so much more. I watched my 4-year-old obliviously wander the playground – knowing he’s only recently started recognizing his name on the tag outside his classroom every Tuesday and Thursday.

Thank goodness I’ve sat in this seat a few time (four to be exact), so I don’t really care anymore what other kids are doing. I know, deep inside my slightly insecure parenting heart, that it all works out. The playing field levels by High School. Either that or we’re so knee deep in tween/teen nonsense, we don’t have time to notice.

I laughed out loud when I watched this clip today and thought of my playground conversation. I wonder if Competitive Parenting could be a new Olympic sport? At the very least, it could be a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit.

Here’s Kathleen:

Talking with Kathleen – Competitive Parenting from Kay Wyma on Vimeo.

Kathleen Fischer shares insight in to America’s newest competitive sport … Parenting.

Talking with Kathleen – More on Competitve Parenting from Kay Wyma on Vimeo.

Talking with Kathleen – Consequences from Kay Wyma on Vimeo.

Kathleen Fischer provides insight into the importance of not only allowing consequences in our kids’ lives, but leaning into them.


Needless to say, we talked for a while. These videos will be available on MySagePage, categorized according to their topic. There are 2 more clips that are really worth your while entitled “Self Esteem” and “Talking With Your Kids About Their Future” … really, really good stuff.

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Thanks so much Kathleen!!!

… and thanks for walking the road with me.



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