My kids have a love/hate relationship with our dentist. They absolutely adore everyone that works in the office, including our dentist. They aren’t so crazy about cavities. So, when they get the call that they’re on deck for a cleaning, it’s met with a conflict of emotion – excitement to see June (our hygienist) and dread that they might have a cavity.

One of mine got the call this week and jumped on it, rather than wait and dread. She did great. Perfect cleaning, no cavities, great fun with June. Me too, I had a wonderful time catching up with everyone. Later that night, I got an email from June. She loves to send the kids interesting tid-bits she’s found while surfing. No need to point out that June is pushing retirement age. She’s a spunky fireball who lets no grass grow under her feet. We hope she never retires!

I loved what she sent and thought I’d share. This is what can happen when you mix the crazy, technological saviness that is ready and creatively waiting in our younger generation with a big dose of work ethic and perseverance. You can rest assured these guys didn’t get it right the first time but kept going until what they imagined met reality. Hmmm… I wonder if they had summer jobs as kids or grew up in a door chore home?!


Thanks for walking the hot road with me.


Here’s another item from June.

An ice cream truck in Dallas.

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